Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Full Day of Eats...

I figured since it is Sunday and I actually can photograph everything I would show you everything I ate today.  Well, I haven't eaten dinner yet, but that is what I will eat for dinner :)

Breakfast: Bowl of gluten free oatmeal with cinnamon, ground flax and a small banana.

Coffee from my favorite mug (a gift given to me years ago by a college friend) 

Lunch: Roasted brussels sprouts, roasted chickpeas (seasoned with pepper, garlic and paprika) and a roasted sweet potato

Afternoon Snack: AMAZING fresh, sweet cantaloupe and some crispy grapes

Dinner: (will be) Tofu scramble with broccoli, mushrooms, peas, carrots and spinach...seasoned with pepper, garlic and nutritional yeast.

So there you have it, another full day of vegan deliciousness. I was pretty hungry all day today because I didn't eat much yesterday because of work but I tried to keep it clean and light.  If anyone has any ideas of portable, compact, protein based snacks that don't need to be refrigerated I'm all ears! I work for a wedding photographer and have long days when I work weddings.  I try to bring food with me because a lot of the time I can't eat the meal provided but I'm totally stumped.  I've been bringing a larabar and that just isn't enough to last me through a 10 hr work day where we are running around.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!



  1. I tried being the assistant to a wedding photographer a couple times. It was horrid. The bride has to cater to the photog & assistant (me) and I couldn't eat anything that was ever served. So uncomfortable and such a waste.

    Now I would know to bring a plastic bag in my purse to bring home all the food for my critters.

    Anyhoos, doesn't answer your question. Maybe some Soy/Coconut Yogurts with Granola could survive without much refridgeration?

  2. That's so funny that you were an assistant! I work full time as a photo editor in the studio for the past 3 years and for the past 2 years I've been assisting/apprenticing at weddings so I assist and I've been shooting as well. It is amazing how much you learn!

    We are lucky enough to have very cool clients so it isn't bad...the only thing that is difficult for me is the meal situation. 9 times out of 10 I can grab some fresh fruit or veggies at the cocktail hour but sometimes we have to shoot during that hour so it gets difficult. Some places are awesome and provide either a salad or some steamed or grilled veggies...some places don't give you a choice and plop down chicken or something worse. One time I walked in to see the BIGGEST piece of prime rib I've ever seen and I literally just turned around and walked out.

    Granola could work but I'd be concerned about the yogurt as the warm weather is approaching and temps reach the 90s. I just ordered this cool Bento Box that has these different compartments so I'm hoping that'll make it easier to pack up whatever it is I decide to bring!

  3. Yum everything looks good! I am a new follower of yours :) Where did you get the vegan bowl from?

  4. Aww thanks for following!! I got the bowls from Vegan Dish on Etsy she makes beautiful handmade vegan bowls/mugs/etc. I want the set of 4 bowls but it is a little pricey. I highly recommend them though, as you can tell I use mine ALL THE TIME!

  5. What about a sort of trail mix of nuts and seeds? You could assemble several bags of them to last a full shift, with a different combination in each one.

    If you wanted something a bit sweeter, blend dates, cashews and big chunks of coconut into a chunky paste, then roll balls of it in more ground nuts to prevent stickiness.

    And of course, there's always vegetarian jerky. I like Primal Strips, since they come in so many flavors.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions!! I typically bring trail mix and/or a larabar with me so we seem to be on the same page. I USED to bring primal strips (LOVE the thai peanut!) but can't eat them now because I'm staying away from wheat and that one is made from wheat gluten. I'm going to get some of those individual packets of almond butter and bring that with an apple. It'll be different and refreshing in the summer!

  7. I hadn't thought about making my own until you mentioned staying away from gluten, and then I had to go see what recipes are out there.

    I may try making this one (from tofu) this weekend:

    Also, nut butters are as good on carrots as they are on apples.

  8. Let me know if you make the jerky! I'm curious how it will turn out. Oooh yes nut butter on carrots I forgot about that! Thanks!