Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crazy Weekend!

Sorry for my absence the past few days, I've been super busy shooting weddings!  Wedding season is upon us so when I work I barely have time to eat full meals, never mind photographing them!  This weekend was full of trail mix and snacks and not too many meals but I did manage to get a shot of my yummy dinner to end the madness!

Dinner: Steamed tofu, broccoli and eggplant with a little spicy garlic sauce.  It was really good!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow :)


  1. Oof, sounds like you've been pretty stressed too! I definitely feel your pain. Hopefully the eggplant in spicy garlic sauce will take care of that...

  2. Ah yes it was a bit stressful! I worked from 9:30 am - midnight yesterday (and had the brilliant idea of running 2.5 miles before!) and today was my first wedding as main photographer so I was super stressed. But dinner did help!