Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raw Food Post!

Today is my first day posting all raw eats :) I work late tonight so all of my meals are ready and photographed before I go in so I'll just post now!

Breakfast: Big ol' bowl of fruit - sliced peach, sliced strawberries and cherries.

Midmorning snack: Banana and a small handful of raw cashews.

Lunch: Package of Kelp noodles (18 calories for this huge pile!!) with Ani Phyo's raw sun-dried tomato "hummus" (made with zucchini).  I made the hummus and I liked it a lot and decided to make it a sauce for these noodles!  I liked this meal a lot and I am so stuffed!

Afternoon snack: Macro greens bar - raw superfood bar in Chocolate & Cinnamon flavor. Hopefully it is yummy!

Dinner: Chopped salad with greens, carrots, cucumber, sun-dried tomato and raw corn. This is gonna be good and it looks so pretty!

That is my first documented day of raw eating! Hopefully the next week and a half will be equally delicious ;)

*Edited to add:

I came home from work early today with a horrible migraine inevitably caused by caffeine withdrawal. I'm off to rest but I couldn't wait to come on and post this!

The super sweet and lovely Maud over at Food Feud was kind enough to mail me this raw food un-cookbook! I've skimmed through it quickly (I'll go through it further once the migraine passes) and it looks wonderful! Easy recipes that sound delicious and they also include meal suggestions which I LOVE.  Thanks so much Maud, you are such a sweetheart!!


  1. I just started doing partial raw food days today.
    I just ordered one of Ani Phyo's cookbooks last week. Hopefully it will be in soon.
    I've never tried the Macro Greens bars...you'll have to let me know how you liked it.

  2. Wow, that got there fast! I hope you like it.
    The kelp noodles are not something I've seen anywhere! You've got to let us know what those taste like...
    Looks like a great first day.

  3. Michelle - Ani's books are great! The only thing about it is I only cook for myself so I have to cut her recipes because they make a lot but only last a few days. Which cookbook was it? The green bar was ok, not as delicious as a larabar (but not too many bars are) but I love the nutritional bang for the buck so I'll prob keep it in light rotation.

    FF - I love it thank you SOOOO MUCH! I also like the handwritten note :) The kelp noodles are kinda hard to find but if you have an Asian market near you, you can pick them up there. They have a very neutral taste but a strange texture! A little crunchy...but it was very good!

  4. Beautiful photos. I kicked caffeine a looong time ago, never got a migraine though. How horrible. Hope it passed.

  5. Hope you're feeling better! I got Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. It came in yesterday, but I haven't had the chance to look at it yet. That's what I'll be doing tonight though. If I ever see one of the green bars around here, I'll have to give one a try.

  6. Thanks Shen! The migraine was awful and was a bit of a sign that I need to ween myself off slowly because I can't do the migraines every day...so I'm doing one small cup of half decaf half regular until I can get down to nothing.

    Michelle - thanks! I love ARFK, lots of great recipes! The green bars are great for a nutritional boost, I will probably keep them handy for weddings since I don't get a decent meal often :)