Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tasting the Rainbow...

I took the entire day today to take care of myself and try and get better and back on track.  It was kind of boring...I basically stayed in bed all day watching crappy movies, boxing and surfing. It was nice to relax but was also weird because I'm so used to being out and about.  I finally got rid of my sinus headache but am still stuffy and yucky so I'm taking tomorrow off from work and the gym to try and get rid of it for good.

When I'm sick I don't eat a ton of food during the day but I definitely make the meals I eat count...I try to get as much nutrition as I can.  Check out what I ate today...

This is probably one of my favorite plates I've shared so far.  I think it is really beautiful and fact it has the 2/3 of the spectrum on one plate :) I had 1/2 an avocado on a GF english muffin and some fruit from my edible arrangement.  I ate this a bit late because I had coffee first which killed the little appetite I had for a bit.

I've been dying to dig into my Care Package goodies but have been waiting until I'm better so I can fully appreciate it all...but I gave in and decided to try some of the Mrs. May's Black Sesame Crunch.  I'm glad I did because this little treat is so good! It is super crunchy (one would hope from the name) and not very sweet at all. You get a ton of sesame flavor and it is super nutty.  This is a great snack...which is why I popped 2 more pieces after I ate this one pictured ;) I'm definitely going to have to try some of the other flavors!  The coconut almond crunch and pumpkin crunch sound very tempting.

I drank a ton of water throughout the day. I know it is silly to post a pic of my water bottle but I actually really like this one. It is my Bikram yoga water is BPA free and holds 36 oz of water. I drink at least 2 full bottles a day but try for 3.  I have another one in purple...I bought them when I did Bikram yoga last winter for a few months because the bigger the bottle the better (and even these bottles weren't big enough...1 and a half hours at 108 degrees, yikes!) and have been using them ever since.

Dinner wasn't as colorful as breakfast but was still delicious. I tapped into my prepared food stash that I got from Whole Foods and put together this lazy but tasty meal.  This is a roasted root vegetable medley and some golden sesame tofu.

Although I've had a smaller appetite over the past few days, I'm now craving comfort food like crazy.  Not just any comfort food, pasta. This is funny because I don't really eat pasta ever...maybe two or three times a year. For some reason I am totally craving it now and I remembered Vic's recent post about Baked Shells and now that is on my list for next week.  I'm now on the hunt for gluten free shells...wish me luck! 


  1. Your breakfast looks so beautiful! I love bright food.

    I'm glad you liked those sesame snacks. I haven't tried that kind yet but I can tell you that the coconut almond one's are really good! I looked for those for you and couldn't find them. I have only had them once.

    I am also craving comfort foods lately. I was craving chili today and I never crave chili!
    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. The breakfast plate looks totally great. I hope the citrus and Vitamin C help
    Cute water bottle too. Sometimes that helps force you to drink more water!

  3. I bought some avocados this weekend so I can steal your breakfast idea. Your rainbow-colored breakfast looks so yummy (and healthy).

    That stinks that you're still sick. :( Rest up tomorrow. I'm so jealous of your awesome care package.

  4. Isobelle - Thanks! Yes I love the sesame snacks!! I may have to order some different flavors online ;)

    Maud - Thanks! I've been downing Vitamin C in so many forms it is insane. I think I like knowing I only have to drink 3 bottles of water as opposed to 8 glasses. Totally playing mind games with myself.

    Sage - Yay I hope you like the avocados on toast! Thanks, the care package is amazing, you should definitely sign up for a swap, they are so much fun!

  5. I'm so sorry that you've been sick! I hope you are feeling better today! Your breakfast looks great. I never have an appetite when I'm sick.
    I haven't seen the Mrs. May's Black Sesame Crunch. I'll have to be on the look out for that!
    I still can't get over how much water you drink. :o)
    I crave comfort foods a lot and actually eat them a lot...ha I found myself craving oreos Saturday and Sunday, but I did NOT cave in. I would however cave in for pasta. :o)

  6. Please don't tell me you watched 'Couples Retreat'!

  7. Michelle - Thanks! I am feeling better, and just resting for another day to try and kick it for good. The black sesame crunch is delicious, if you can hunt it down I def recommend it! The 3 bottles of water is a goal and I usually drink between 2 and 3. I bought some gluten free brown rice pasta I may have to make some soon!

    Shen - LOL no I didn't watch Couple's Retreat. I watched "it's Complicated" in the morning and "Little Fockers" in the evening. Not too impressed by either of them unfortunately.