Friday, September 16, 2011

Werk it Gurl!

Hello my dears :) Happy Friday! My Friday is more like Thursday since I have a wedding tomorrow but it is still a great feeling to be (almost) done with another week, and to have Sunday off! I just had another amazing workout with my trainer. We did a heavy cardio day (jump rope, rowing, line drills, some running) with some padwork thrown in for good measure.  I'm not gonna lie, cardio is NOT my favorite (I'd rather do squats and lunges over cardio any day) but I know it is important. It is amazing how quickly you can improve too. We started regularly using the jump rope over the past few weeks and I can really see the difference already. I love that.

Anyway, let's get to what you all want to see!!

Breakfast: I finally got to try Gingerbread Pumpkin Overnight Oats! I'm going to be totally honest, I didn't like them as much as I wanted to. It was ok but it didn't thicken up a lot (you can see the soupiness of it from the pic). To be honest I think the recipe is great but it just isn't my taste. I like simple oatmeal and this had a lot going on in it.  Next time I'll probably just use pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice in some hot oatmeal but I'm glad I finally tried it!

Lunch: I had some brown rice with edamame and red onion and then some roasted cauliflower and carrots on the side. It was really good.

For my pre-workout snack I had this bar - the Bliss Bar which is another flavor of the raw, gluten free, vegan bars I found at Whole Foods when they did a sample station with them. This bar has raw chocolate, maca and ashwagandha root.  I really liked this flavor a lot, I don't know how to describe it but I feel like it had an earthy quality to it. Really good.

This chopped salad is waiting for me for dinner.

So I don't know if I'll be able to post tomorrow. I have to wake up at 4:30 am to meet up with the photographer at 6:30 am to drive out to our location over an hour away to be there for a start time of 8. I probably won't get home til 7pm. I'm going to try really hard to get something to post but if anything I'll definitely be back here on Sunday :) Hope you all have an amazing Saturday!


  1. All of this food looks so yummy! Too bad about the overnight oats. It's always frustrating to get excited about making something only to be disappointed. I think the photograph of it looks awesome though!

  2. Keep talking about your workouts, because maybe if you keep talking about them you will get me motivated. :o)
    Sorry the oatmeal didn't turn out good for sure looks good though.
    The Bliss Bar sounds right down my alley. I'll have to try them.
    Hope you have a great weekend...even though you're working part of it!

  3. Well, the pumpkin oats sure do look pretty in the photo! Although I did think it was a yummy Fall drink before I did any reading. I'm loving maca right now with it's earthy caramel scent and flavor. I added it to some cookies and a smoothie yesterday. Maybe that's what you're tasting in the raw bar?

  4. Isobelle- Yeah, it is always a bummer when something you are looking forward to doesn't work out. It's all good though, I have a new oatmeal recipe I want to try tomorrow and the rest of my meals for yesterday were so yummy!

    Michelle - WIll do with the posting my exercise. Instead of sleeping last night I was thinking of new at home workouts I can do to get my bum in gear. Def look for the bliss bar! Have a great weekend!

    Nikki - Thanks :) It probably was the maca I was tasting, it was really yummy! I've never had it before but I should explore it more, I've heard it is supposed to be wonderful for you!

  5. I do not know how you choke down those massive carrots. That seems like hella hard work.

  6. You just have to chew...and chew...and chew :) I love them.

  7. That chopped salad looks delicious - and I'm convinced 'chopped' is the only way to eat a hearty salad. :)

  8. Thanks! I'm so with you, I rarely eat salads any other way now!