Monday, October 10, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 10: Another Delicious Day!

Good evening everyone! Hope you all had a nice Monday. For all of you that had the day off from work...lucky! It was such a beautiful day so I only went in to the studio for a few hours but I took the rest of the day to get some house stuff done. That laundry doesn't wash itself (unfortunately)! :)

I had a training session this evening, as usual. As usual it was amazing. We have started to get a little bit of an introduction to ground fighting (grappling type stuff). No grappling yet, just strengthening the core and working on sprawls and falls and things like that. Fighting on the ground was never something I had really thought of doing before but these drills are a very good slow way to start getting into it. Sick workout too. 

Anyway, lets check out the eats. Luckily there was some awesome lighting coming in through the glass on the door this morning and that made some boring meals look a bit more dramatic. You'll see it in the first two pics ;)

For my first meal I had a heaping 1/3 cup of molasses and pecan granola with some almond milk in my "Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge" mug :) Oh and the bamboo spoon made an appearance as well.

My second meal was a small banana and some strawberries. Small coffee as well.

For my third meal I went back to the deli next to the studio and got a normal human being size meal of rice and beans and string beans cooked in tomato and garlic. $2.50!!!

My fourth meal I didn't take a picture of because my post workout protein shakes are boring. 

My fifth and probably final meal is a small chopped salad in my awesome vegan bowl/mug.

Another round of apple cider vinegar later. Have a great night everyone! If I can pull it off I'll have a fun post for you tomorrow. If i can't I'll have a boring food post ;) I'll explain more tomorrow!


  1. Nothing boring about this post, my dear! First off, I prefer sprawls to burpees. They really kick my behind! (Which means, I've been avoiding them, time to get back to it!) Sounds like a great workout. :)

    Gotta get me some molasses - yum! What an awesome deli, places like that make going out for lunch fantastic.

  2. OMG YES sprawls to burpees ANY day!! He mainly makes me do sprawls in between combinations when I'm hitting the pads or the other day when he started showing me the intro stuff for grappling. A sprawl with your hips all the way down to the floor is defense against a takedown I guess? I do A LOT of burpees though...much more than the sprawls. Try a minute of burpees then a minute of mountain climbers! So hard! Feels great when you can accomplish it though :)

    Yes the deli is great! The people that own it are so sweet and it is super affordable and yummy.

  3. Great shot of the morning fruit. Haha I also like the "normal human size" yet somehow super cheap meal!

  4. Thanks! The light was so beautiful this morning. Haha yeah that meal was definitely more manageable size wise and I couldn't believe how cheap it was! I know that my meals are always cheaper because I don't get meat. The bigger size I got last time is usually only about $5 but she loaded it up so I guess the price varies a bit.

  5. I'm very excited I came acros this blog through Sweet & Sage- I'm not a vegan but I'm veggie and am hopeless at cooking so am always looking for new recipes- I can't wait to follow along!

  6. Your training sounds so intense. I think I did burpees once about a million years ago, but my mind has blocked out the unpleasant memory.

    I need a cheapo deli next to my apartment! Yummy string beans. "Normal human being size meal" heh heh :)

  7. Tinfoils - Thanks for stopping in! Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to make and maybe I can help you!

    Sage - It is very intense and I love every minute of it :) The meal was in one of those small styrofoam (sigh) containers that contains a normal portion of food unlike the giant tin that fed me for the rest of the day last week! ;) So delicious.

  8. It all looks yummy, but I have my eye on those rice and beans...looks like it would hit the spot.

    Wow, with your workouts and fighting knowledge...I'd want you on my side in a scrap...of course, I'd be of no use at all. :)

  9. If we consider the concept of evidence-based core workout training, we not only want to incorporate the most effective abdominal exercises, but we also want to avoid exercises that could increase injury risk.

  10. Rose - I know, I've been such a huge fan of rice and beans lately...totally a staple meal is a complete protein, so yummy and comforting and so easy! Haha!! If the fight is standing and striking I'm definitely your girl, but once it hits the ground we'd be in trouble! I don't know anything about grappling! :)

    Charice - I don't know if this is actually a comment or not but avoiding exercises that increase injury is always a good idea?

  11. I have that same mug and it's one of my favorites :)

  12. Me too! Got it for my birthday probably about 6 years ago and it is still a fav :)