Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 12: WTF Wednesday!

Hi everyone! Happy hump day again :) Hope that your week is going well so far! I feel so far behind in reading MoFo posts but it seems like everyone is really posting their best! I can't wait to spend more time looking through posts.

Anyway here is what I plan on eating today!

I started off my day with Apple Cider Vinegar, as usual :)

For my first meal I had a gf english muffin with avocado (from Whole Foods ;]) and 36 oz of water.

My second "meal" is going to be an apple. This one is a Crispin apple and it is so sweet and crispy. I love apples.

My third meal is going to be some of the bok choy salad I decided to try from Whole Foods yesterday over 1/2 cup of brown rice. There is bok choy, mushrooms, carrots and I think some sort of a tangerine vinaigrette?

My fourth meal is going to be a tomato and carrot with some hummus. I'm bringing some sea salt and vinegar kale chips to eat with it but I may save it as a snack for later if I'm too full at that point...I need to figure out a better way of spacing my meals because I'm usually really full by the time the last meal rolls around.

I'll finish up my night with more apple cider vinegar.

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Carrots & Tomatoes! Touching! All day long!!!!

  2. Double cider vinegar action! How was the bok choy salad? I've tried bok choy a few different ways, and haven't loved, but wished I did - it would be a great rotation to my greens. I love that it is apple season - hooray!

  3. Bok choy and carrots in an orange-y dressing! That's almost exactly what I'm planning on making tomorrow! Sounds great.

  4. Shen - I know! Insanity!

    Ingrid - I do the vinegar drink twice a day every day :) I love bok choy, I'll try and find you a good recipe to ease you into it. SO delicious. And yay for apples!!

    FF - It was so good, the dressing was light and only a slight citrus taste but was still good. Can't wait to see yours!

  5. like the bok choy salad.. any tangerine dressing will work for me anyday!

  6. Panera Bread used to have this cherry dressing for their Orchard Harvest salad that was so good. Not sure if they still have it? But I like sweet, fruity dressings on my salads too--nothing heavy or creamy.

  7. Richa - It was great! Bok choy is a new favorite of mine :)

    Sage - I think that salad is seasonal? The dressing was good! I like vinaigrettes on my salads or I'll use hummus or guac :) mmm!

  8. I'm surprised - and impressed, I guess, that that amount of food feels you up! But portion control is definitely my problem.

  9. I don't think it is the amount of food, I think it is the eating so often that fills me up! It is also very time consuming lol! A lot of my meals are also bigger than they look and the amount of fruit and veggies and grains that I eat full me up because of all of the fiber and water in them.