Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 15: Portabello Pizza!!

Good afternoon everyone! Today is going to be a short post because I have SO MUCH to do in such a short period of time. I was at the gym by 7:45 this morning...I tried something new today and walked on the treadmill on an incline with a 20 lb weight vest. That was a great workout! I'm so sore from the past three days too...had some great workouts! After the gym I came home to shower quick then I had to take my car to the mechanic for an oil change/inspection/tire rotation. Then directly after that had my hair color touched up. I got home at about 12:45 and have been roasting veggies since. 

So for today I kept it simple, clean, and beautiful.

This right here is my portabello pizza. It is so easy and has so few ingredients but has so much flavor! The "crust" is a roasted portabello mushroom (feel free to grill it!) seasoned with garlic and pepper. Then I placed a bed of lightly steamed spinach on top of that and topped it off with a layer of savory sauce. I then topped it off with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. I wanted to take a very clean pic but serve it up with some veggies, salad, soup...whatever your heart desires!

OK, so much more to get done before I babysit my niece so I hope you all have a lovely Saturday and if all goes well in my recipe experimentation I'll have something awesome to show you tomorrow!

Happy Saturday!

*Edited to add - or I'm going to be in bed all night because I'm getting sick again. I haven't been feeling right throughout the morning and took my temperature and it is about 100 :( So it's time to rest so I'm not sick for work tomorrow. Boo!


  1. Cool idea! I looks so cute, and I can imagine it's really tasty.

    Get some rest...hope you can nip it in the bud.

  2. I like this idea! Healthy, tasty, and fast, right? What's not to like!

  3. Rose - Thanks! I thought it looked so pretty which is why I didn't photograph it with anything else :) And thanks, I'm actually feeling a bit better already because I've been loading up on could and cough meds and vitamin c and been resting. :)

    celyn - Thanks!! It is a delicious and easy meal! If you like eggplant try making eggplant stacks! One slice of eggplant (I would use roasted), some spinach and some sauce then another slice of eggplant and some more sauce. Mmm!

  4. Nice looking dish! Kind of like "pizza salad" but with mushrooms..which make everything better.
    Hope you feel better.

  5. Thanks! yes mushrooms DO make everything better! And I feel so much better today, thanks!

  6. Walking on the treadmill with the weight vest is actually a Cesar Milan idea. I'll give you props on the shroom though.

  7. Lol well I meant the workout was new to me, not to the world ;)