Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 18: Look, Food!

Good afternoon everyone :) I FINALLY have some food to show you again. I took a trip to Whole Foods this morning and got some stuff to be able to make some yummy meals to show off! 

I started off my day with a soy latte. It is quite convenient that there is a Starbucks in the same shopping center as Whole Foods. Then I perused the store very leisurely and found lots of awesome stuff so I decided to take pics of my haul.

I only got a few things from the produce section. I got some massive carrots (mmm!!), avocados (on sale 2/$3) and some beautiful brussels sprouts!

Then I also got some raw pumpkin seeds (I'm planning on making sugar and spice roasted pumpkin seeds), Rosemary and garlic crackers, gf oats, 3 bars (Green Superfoods then two new bars to try), raw almonds and dried figs (to make Isobelle's Raw Fig Newtons!).

From the fridge and freezer I grabbed some new finds and some staples. I found the Amande yogurt everyone has been talking about and grabbed 4 (on sale 4/$3!) to try...2 strawberry, 1 peach, 1 cherry. I grabbed a new gluten free bread to try and decided to try coconut creamer instead of soy. I filled in on stuffed grape leaves and Earth Balance. The brown box is some garlicky kale that I decided to try from the prepared section. I've only ever tried raw kale and never really got used to it so I figured I'd try it cooked.

My first solid meal of the day was a strawberry Amande yogurt with some granola sprinkled on top of it. I clearly couldn't wait to try it! It has the best texture of any vegan yogurt I have tried and I love that it has fruit bits in it. By far my favorite so far.

My second meal is a slice of gf toast with 1/2 mashed avocado and a sliced apple. I LOVE this new gf bread I tried. The taste is amazing and it toasts up really nice. It has way better texture than the english muffins. I'm totally converted :) And look how beautiful the avocado is! Noms.

For my third meal I decided to make a bowl to bring to work. This one has brown rice, steamed broccoli and zucchini, the garlicky kale and some Chickpea Gravy from Appetite for Reduction. This is gonna be GOOD!

I suspect that the bowl is going to be filling so I decided to just bring veggies and hummus as my last meal of the day. As you can see I couldn't wait to roast up those brussels sprouts!

As you can see I've had a busy morning with shopping and cooking (roasted the sprouts and I made the gravy today) so I'm gonna rest until I have to leave for work. Have a great day everyone! 


  1. Roasted brussels sprouts are my favourite thing right now!

    And... I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award that has been going about. I really like your blog and think you deserve a shout out!

    You can check it out on my blog post here if you’d like


    Take care,


  2. Love it! I'm always curious to know what other people buy at the grocery store. Will definitely have to try out the Amande yogurt, especially with your glowing recommendation!

    I do love me some roasted veggies. I wanted to sample some gf bread, but discovered that Rudi's has egg in it. Sadness, most notable because I could've had a free loaf!

  3. Brussels sprouts are so good. I love avocados too but they're never that cheap at my Whole Foods. If you ever create a mascot for your blog, it should be a massive carrot.

    Congrats on your awards! I've seen you get the Liebster Award on 2 different blogs today (Brittany's Veg Kitchen and lovinlivinvegan). You're so popular. :)

  4. Ooh, I want to to try that Armande yoghurt and I love your cute little mug!

  5. You got some really nice stuff! I never really take leisurely trips around the grocery store, just a quick, crowded run on my lunch break but it must be nice. Although I'd probably end up with a lot of stuff I don't need so it's probably better that way.
    I hope you like the superfood bar - I like that brand but I usually get the plain or berry flavor.

  6. Brittany - Aww thank you soooo much! I love your blog too, it is so beautiful! Your pics and recipes are always lovely, you have a great space :) And I know, brussels sprouts are AMAZING! I'd eat a plate of them over a plate of french fries any day!

    Ingrid - The yogurt was really good. The only thing is that it is a little higher in calories and sugar than I'd like for a yogurt but with a sprinkling of granola it is the perfect mini meal. I am weary of gf bread bc they typically have egg...I've even seen some with milk powder! I checked the ingredients on this one (Food For Life brand) a bunch of times and didn't see anything so I tried it. They had it in the freezer. I've had more luck with frozen gf breads than "fresh" (which are never really fresh).

    Sage - I know, brussels sprouts have become one of my favorite veggies! If you want a little change add some caramelized onions to your roasted sprouts and it is AMAZING! I love avocados so much and they are so good for you that I will pay more $$ for them. Today was just a bonus they typically aren't that cheap. Love the carrot mascot idea ;) And thanks! I've never been popular haha it is probably just a fluke ;)

    Mandee - Def give it a try if you can find it! And thanks, I love my little cuppycake mug!

    FF - Thanks :) Shopping in a rush is never a pleasant experience, especially in a packed store. I like grocery shopping so I try and make it a zen experience bc I have so little time to myself. I've had the superfood bar before and it is really good, just have to get past the greenness of it. The other 2 are new and I'll def let you know how they are!

  7. I do miss eating yogurt! The only kind that I can find where I live is the O'soy in strawberry, and I just don't care for it too much. I'll have to get a few other brands to try the next time I go to Whole Foods.

  8. Really nice haul from WFs! I didn't know you bought the Stuffed Grape Leaves in such a small container. Assumed you got them from the Prepared Foods Section. I will look for them at my WFs.

  9. Michelle - I missed yogurt too and I'm really glad I found this one! I definitely recommend it. It isn't super sweet like the coconut milk one.

    Shen - Thanks! I would get them from the prepared food section but I feel like it would be really expensive if I got them by the pound. I have been known to get HUGE cans of them from a Mediterranean food store in my neighborhood too :X