Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 20: The Holidays Are Coming!

Hi kids! The holidays are coming up in a few months and I always going into a baking frenzy! I love the holidays :) I always have a hard time deciding what to bake because there are so many yummy treats out there.  After reading this post by Sage I decided that I wanted YOU, my dear bloggie friends, to help me choose some of the treats I'll bake this holiday season! I'm planning on making two different kinds of truffles and then I thought you can help me narrow this list down from 16 ideas to 4 :)  So I printed out her bracket and made my own list. I know my handwriting isn't as nice as hers but oh well :D

This is where YOU come in. Please leave a comment on this post choosing one treat from each pair (so you'll have 8 choices in one comment). The choice from each bracket that has the most votes will move on to the next vote. We'll go through two votes to narrow down to four tasty treats. You have until midnight on Sunday, October 23 to vote. Please note that you are voting between the two items that have been paired up (which were done in no particular order, only how they popped into my head). I know some pairings are difficult but oh well :) Oh and ps, there is one on here that I definitely plan on making whether you choose it or not but I'm curious to see if you choose it. Thanks for your help in advance! 

Since this is MoFo and a food blog I have to post SOME food pics, no? So for some voting inspiration I'll post the gorgeous treats I baked last holiday season!

Candy Cane Cookies n Cream Chocolate Bark! 

S'mores Bark!

Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies

Carrot Chewies. YUM!

Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Biscotti. These are phenomenal.

Thanks again for the help and I hope you have fun with it! I'll post the narrowed down choices next week! Yay for Friday tomorrow!


  1. What a good idea! They all sound so yummy- this is harder than it looks...
    1.Kitchen Sink Banana Bread Cookies
    2.Carrot Chewies
    3.Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles
    4.White chocolate orange blondies
    5.Choc Chip Pecan Bars
    6.Raspberry oatmeal cookie bar
    7.Choc Choc chip
    8.Citrus Glitters
    I can't wait to see what you end up making :)

  2. 1. Kitchen Sink Banana Bread Cookies
    2. Carrot Chewies (oooh!)
    3. Cranberry White Chocolate Biscotti
    4. Magical Coconut Bars
    5. Almond Chocolate Thumbprints
    6. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
    7. Chocolate Chocolate Chip
    8. Just the Crumbs

    Phew! that was difficult. Especially because I kept having to scroll up and down to see the options (I have a terrible memory). It was a good work-out though. :)

    Awesome choices too. The biscotti looks incredible.

  3. This is by far the best way to use brackets--for cookies!!! I'm excited to see what you make. Here are my choices:

    1. kitchen sink banana bread
    2. carrot chewies
    3. Mexican chocolate snickerdoodles
    4. magical coconut bars
    5. almond chocolate thumbprints
    6. pumpkin chocolate chip
    7. almond joy cookies (oooohhh yeeaaahh)
    8. just the crumbs

    Happy baking! :)

  4. Can't decide. Too many. Delicious choices.


  5. Haha, I feel similar to Ingrid, but this is awesome! I love Sage's bracket idea. It could either help me be more decisive...or just sit around drawing a lot of brackets.

    1.Chocolate Chip
    2. Carrot Chewies
    3. Cranberry biscotti
    4. Magical Coconut Bars
    5. Almond Chocolate Thumbprints
    6. Raspberry Oatmeal
    7. Almond Joy cookies
    8. Just the Crumbs

    You set some lofty goals! Good luck - and last years goods look amazing!

  6. How fun!

    1. Kitchen Sink Banana Bread Cookies
    2. Lace Cookies
    3. Cranberry/White Chocolate Biscotti (That was a tough choice.)
    4. White Chocolate Orange Blondies
    5. Chocolate Chip Pecan Bars
    6. Raspberry Oatmeal
    7. Almond Joy Cookies (OMG yum!)
    8. Just Crumbs

    All the cookie pics look so good. You need to get that vegan bakery going, you obviously have a gift!

  7. Well, clearly you could make exactly what you made last year and NOT go wrong because that all looks delicious!

    Fun idea!

    Banana Bread
    (This one is the toughest one for me)...I guess the magic bars only because they're one of my faves ever. But the other sounds so good!
    pumpkin choc. chip
    almond joy
    citrus glitters


  8. Well, after seeing the other comments, I realized I totally did not understand the rules of the game. Good thing I didn't answer first, it would've been very embarrassing.

    1. Banana Bread Cookies
    2. Lace Cookies
    3. Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles
    4. Can't decide. Do I get any? If so, I'll pick the Magic Bars
    5. Thumbprints
    6. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
    7. Almond Joy
    8. Citrus Glitters (thanks for the reminder. I forgot about these)

  9. Thanks for the votes everyone!! Hopefully they'll keep on coming!

  10. Woohoo! I loooove that you're already planning your holiday baking. I tend to get a little kitchen crazy around holiday time, too. Reading through your list has given me even more ideas. Is that good or not? haha. Here are my votes:

    1. kitchen sink banana bread cookies
    2. carrot chewies
    3. mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles
    4. magical coconut bars
    5. almond thumbprint
    6. pumpkin chocolate chip
    7. almond joy
    8. citrus glitters

    Full disclosure: Some of these I picked just because of the names - magical, glitters...