Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recipe - Cookie Truffles!

Hey everyone! As promised, here is the ridiculously easy recipe for the cookie truffles that I made for the holidays. I honestly don't remember where I saw the recipe to begin with because I made it when I was not vegan (just vegetarian) and it wasn't hard so I just remembered it.

Cookie Truffles

1 package sandwich cookies (the original recipe called for Oreos but I made mine more festive for the holidays by making a batch with Candy Cane Joe Joe's and a batch with Newman O's Ginger Cookies)
1-8 oz tub of tofutti cream cheese
1 package vegan chocolate chips (if dipping the truffles)*

1. Process cookies into fine crumbs in the food processor.
2. Mix softened cream cheese in with crumbs. Combine completely.
3. Refrigerate for at least an hour to let it set a little.
4. Roll mixture into small balls (I used a medium sized ice cream scoop). Refrigerate again until firm.
5. If dipping, melt chocolate chips and dip truffles until evenly coated. Refrigerate to set the chocolate coating.
5. Enjoy! 

*Note - Dipping any chocolate or peanut butter cream cookies in chocolate will always be delicious. I didn't know how the ginger cookies would taste so I rolled them in powdered sugar. They looked great for a little bit but then condensed and formed more of a glaze (which isn't bad either). You could also try vegan white chocolate for those.

Ginger Cookie Truffles rolled in Powdered Sugar

Candy Cane Joe Joe Truffles dipped in Chocolate

I told you it was really really easy. You can honestly just leave the mixture in a bowl and just spoon it into your mouth it is that good. :)


  1. Yum! I made a version of these with the newman o's last year. So sweet, but so good. I've been dying to try them with the ginger o's, because I love those things!

  2. 13 inches of snow later, I'm still here - so maybe there's hope of me sampling one of these! Then again, they are so cute I might just stare at them instead! Ha!

    I am definitely writing down this recipe!

  3. Wow, cool recipe! Who would guess it was so straightforward to produce such elegant little treats!

  4. I love those oreo balls! We make them every year. I bet they would be great with the ginger o's too. I actually wanted to make them this year with the mint oreos, but that hasn't happened....yet. :o)

  5. Such an easy recipe! I'm tempted to make these for the holidays.....

  6. Crafty - Def try with the Ginger cookies, they are delicious and perfect for the holidays!

    Ingrid - THey are so easy it is definitely worth a try! I'm so glad you got them today!

    Rose - Sometimes the simplest ones are the best! Definitely waaaaay less effort than the half baked truffles!

    Michelle - I definitely recommend trying the mint oreos. SO GOOD.

    Molly - You should definitely make them! They are so easy and look like you spent all day making them :)

  7. I bet they taste good, but they also look beautiful. I especially love the second picture with the green paper cups.

  8. I don't know if I'm happy or not that you gave away the recipe. Thought they'd be ultra-complex and I'd never make them.

  9. Miss Rachel - they are really delicious, especially the candy cane Joe Joe flavor! The texture is really nice too.

    Shen - haha nope super easy! You should def give them a try!