Thursday, March 1, 2012

Demon Virus be Gone!

So I've decided to name my virus "demon virus" because of how horrible and almost violent it was in the beginning and also because it just won't go away! Yesterday I felt quite a bit better so I was looking forward to trying to eat food with some nutritional value. Then I woke up feeling nauseous again (no I'm not pregnant I promise lol) and was incredibly bummed out.

Then I had the brilliant idea that maybe food would be easier to consume if it were in liquid form.

Big mistake. I got a quarter of the way down and I just couldn't deal at all anymore. It tasted extra sweet to me and just didn't help the nausea at all. I guess my body will be void of nutrient dense foods (minus bananas) for another day or two.

So I ate a banana after that wave of nausea subsided.

After the banana I had some un-pictured plain rice. Boring but didn't upset the balance so I'll take it.

I'm going to test my luck with dinner in a little bit by trying to add some avocado to my toast. They need to get used and I can't do plain food anymore. Hopefully it works out in my favor!

I canceled my training session because of how I felt when I woke up and the memory of Monday's disaster. As you all know it really bums me out when I have to cancel my sessions. Luckily I had something awesome waiting for me when I got home!

4 issues of Marmalade Umlaut, Maud from Food Feud's zine! I have been meaning to order some issues for a long time and her mention of work on a new issue reminded me and I finally remembered to do it! I got my four issues with a fun note from Maud. This is more of a teaser since I haven't had a chance to read them yet but I promise a full review by the end of the weekend! Can't wait to read them Maud, they look awesome!

Hope you are doing well. I'm working my way back into being a human being again. Can't wait for some good ol' raw food eatin'. I miss it.


  1. Yikes, sounds like you've been having a rough week! Hopefully the virus has run its course and is at the tail end for you. That stinks that you had to cancel a session, but taking care of yourself comes first. :)

    Coming home to 4 of Maud's zines is definitely a highlight of the day! She's full of all kinds of awesome!

    1. Yeah it's been pretty brutal and it seems to be at the tail end, just lingering which is really annoying. I agree, I need to take care of myself before I can move forward in my ass kicking ;)

      From what I've glanced at, I agree that Maud is definitely full of awesome! Can't wait to read them :)

  2. Gosh, that virus sounds nasty! Are you taking anything or letting it run its course? Stomach bugs and anything cough-headache related are the worst! Rest up, my dear!!

    1. It was incredibly nasty for the first 12 hours. Since then it has just been lingering and is a disgusting nuisance. You can't take anything for a virus so you just have to let it run its course. I just want the course to be shorter! :)

      Thanks so much, I will certainly be resting up!

  3. Ah I'm glad you got the zines! I really hope you like them. Although, there's not much fun in reading about food when you can't even partake. Feel better soon!

    1. LOVED them!!! Can't wait to make some of the raw recipes! Full review tomorrow! And thanks, I'm feeling better, just played it safe today. Will be eating like a normal(ish) human being tomorrow. I can never really consider myself "normal." ;)