Friday, July 8, 2011

Back in Business

So yesterday I felt completely hideous...I'll spare you the details but I assure you it wasn't pretty!  I seem to be back in business today so here we go!

Breakfast: Oats in a mug! Love this ginormous oversized brown mug filled with oaty, nutty, raisiny, coconutty deliciousness.

Midmorning: Iced coffee and an orange.

Lunch: Chopped salad - usual suspects plus broccoli decided to join the party.  Delicious.

Post training session: Protein Shake

Dinner: Roasted chickpeas and cauliflower and a few sun-dried tomatoes. Random noms.


  1. Sorry you felt bad. Guess it wasn't food born illness.

  2. Thanks lol no food born illness here. Was a stress migraine which turned into nausea which turned into a horrible night. Relaxing tonight :)

  3. Sounds rough but glad to see you back to it today. The oats look great, and I love that mug! I have a big mug like that but I guess I don't use it much anymore.

  4. TY! The oats were yum, I love the mug too and it looks like it swallowed the oats it is so huge. One of my original favs though. I love mugs. I rarely ever use bowls anymore.