Monday, July 11, 2011

Total Case of the Mondays

Hey guys I'm back after a really great weekend. On Saturday I started off my day with a trip to the MMA store that just opened a few months ago a few towns over.  It made me happy :) Then I went to Brooklyn and spent two hours at a scooter store looking for a scooter for my friend.  I managed to find this adorable little pink scooter perfect for short girls like me :)

Maybe one day it'll be mine.  After that we walked 10-12 blocks to Wild Ginger and had a delicious vegan meal (I had the tofu with mixed veggies).  I totally intended to take a pic with my phone but I forgot :(  Yesterday was my friend's baby shower that me, my mom and sister in law threw so I was busy with that as well, but have no fear, I'm back!

Today was the same old so let's get on with the grub!

Breakfast: Huge orange and some big yummy strawberries.

Midmorning: Iced Coffee

Lunch: Steamed tofu, broccoli and eggplant with a few tbsp of garlic sauce.

Afternoon snack: Coconut cream pie larabar.

Post workout: OK just for the record my training session was gnarly.  45 mins of ALL kicking drills.  All kicks. Really. Seems easy, it's not.  Recovery protein shake consumed.

Dinner: Roasted chickpeas, corn cut off the cob and a small apple.  Really yummy.


  1. I've never seen corn off the cob stick together like that! I have also never been to Wild Ginger, but I hear it's good!
    The fruit looks delicious.

  2. WIld Ginger is great and in such a great location! Def check it out! The fruit was so refreshing...would be perfect on this crazy hot day today!

  3. Wow! Beautiful pics! The corn and orange segments in particular.

  4. Thank you :) Those portions were particularly tasty as well!