Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Morning

I'm breaking today up into two posts because I have a ton of photos.  It isn't even noon and I've already accomplished a lot so I'm pretty happy about that :)

Woke up early, got to Whole Foods when they opened at 8.  I love shopping there this way, there is no one there, I have time to leisurely look around and find new things.  Here is my haul! Check out treats for raw and cooked meals.

Lots of stuff today! Oranges, baby bok choy, a lemon (for homemade larabars!), cherries, mushrooms, coconut oil, flaxseed meal, Silk hazelnut creamer, asian slaw from the prepared section, zucchini, a bunch of raw nuts (cashews, pecans, almonds), garlic and herb cashews, raw oat groats, and some Larabars to hold me over until I make my own.

After my trip to Whole Foods I did my morning 45 minute workout using my new trampoline! My trainer suggested I use it for no impact running/cardio since I'm beating my body up enough as it is.  I did 45 minutes and here is how I broke it down: 6 min running, 2 min jumping jacks, 2 min twists then another 6 min of running, 2 min jumping jacks, 1 minute of high knees and 1 minute of butt kickers. I repeated these two 10 minute sets one more time then finished with another 5 minutes of running.  After that I did some abs: 30 secs crunches followed by 30 seconds of reverse crunches then 30 seconds of bicycle crunches repeated twice.  Who thought a home workout could be so gnarly!

I made a green protein smoothie for my post workout breakfast.  Check it:

Front of green protein powder packet.

Back of the protein packet.  

Green smoothie!! 1 frozen banana, 2 dates, 3/4 cup almond milk, one packet green vanilla protein powder (contains spirulina as well as a few different kinds of protein!)

This is random but look how cool the lid for my blender looked splattered with green smoothie! I thought it was pretty so I wanted to share :)

OK so that was my morning up until now! I'll post the rest of my day when i get home from work after 9! Have a great day!


  1. Looks like an awesome haul. I love shopping early too. The smoothie sounds super delicious AND homemade larabarish things are the best!!
    (There, I think I covered everything...)

  2. LOL sounds like it! Morning is totally the best time to go. Hopefully the larabars turn out well.

  3. It's no fun shopping at Whole Foods unless the store is packed with soccer moms and their demon spawn.

    Beautiful smoothie. I still have a ton of hemp protein powder to use up before I move on to pea protein.

  4. Why don't you try mixing the two? You'll probably end up with a more complete amino acid profile. OR you can use the hemp protein to make some sort of protein granola bar and use the pea protein in smoothies because it blends in so much nicer.

  5. :) I always mix brown rice protein and pea protein in my protein shakes to get the complete amino profile. Works out nicely.