Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Eats: Part Deux

Hey all hope you had a lovely Tuesday.  I'm back with the second half of my eats!  Since I ate (drank?) my breakfast so late I just had a few midday snacks until dinner which held me over just fine.

Snack 1: Cupcake mug full of cherries <3

Snack 2: Handful of these garlic and herb cashews that I HAD to try because they look and smelled amazing! And they were amazing indeed!

Dinner: Salad (which I chopped up after the pic) with mesclun greens, yellow and green squash, sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and chickpeas.  Super yum!

Definitely had a great day of yummy eats. In other news, my trainer has canceled my sessions for the rest of this week and next week and said I need to rest and recover and that I've been overtraining.  I'm not happy since I have to be in a bridesmaid's dress next Saturday...I was planning my break for the end of August but a minor injury unfortunately pushed that break up to the most inconvenient time.  Expect some very clean eats over the next week since I won't be able to work out (except yoga on Saturday).  Sadness.


  1. Those nuts sound totally awesome. As to the chopped salad...so you chop and prep veg and then chop it all again? What kind of knife do you use? I always wanted one of those huge rocking knives they have at salad bars and restaurants.

  2. The nuts were phenomenal. I want some more now. The veggies don't need much chopping before I just throw it into a bowl and use a mezzaluna chopper and go to town. I don't know why I like chopped salads so much more...probably because everything gets mixed really well.

  3. Chopped salads are great for 'shoveling in'. Love to shovel in food.

    So now you're a bridesmaid? You probably wore out your trainer. You are busier than a one-armed paper hanger in a windstorm.

  4. LOL yes I'm a bridesmaid and I'm also baking a vegan dessert for the wedding. I agree I'm a busy girl. Funny though now that I have all this free time from my temporary ban from the gym I don't know what to do with myself!