Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to basics!

I'm back! Had a long work weekend and just finished off my raw week with more of the same fruits and salads and whatnot.  Back to cooked food today and I'm not gonna lie, I am kinda glad to be back to normal.  I enjoy eating more raw meals during the summer, but a completely raw diet isn't for me.  I do have lots of yummy new recipes though!

Today I had a killer training session. It felt really good to be back to normal :)  Check out the eats!

Breakfast: WHile shopping in Whole Foods last week I found some gluten free english muffins! I really miss my english muffin sandwiches so I decided to get them and have them as a yummy comforting treat every once in a while. I figured that it would only be appropriate to eat a really good comforting first cooked meal in a week so I went for one of my favorite classics: english muffin with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon. And it was damn good.

Midmorning: Iced coffee (the caffeine habit is here to stay for a bit) and some watermelon.

Lunch (and dinner): Lunch was a delicious huge ass plate of rice and beans with green beans and some zucchini (both cooked in tomato, garlic and oil). It was so good!  I ate the leftovers for dinner!

Post workout: Protein shake.

It feels great to be back to normal! :)


  1. I'm with you on the total raw diet. I love adding more raw foods into my diet, but raw full time is too much for me. I did make my own almond milk over the weekend and it was great.
    Your lunch looks fantastic!

  2. I've been wanting to make almond milk too! Glad it worked out for you, I definitely need to try :) My lunch was SO GOOD. I kinda want more now lol!

  3. Neat way to slice a Banana!

    So you went through the caffeine withdrawal migraine and now you're back on caffeine?!

  4. oh I only lasted 2 days no caffeine. I was so over it. I figured I should be allowed one vice in my life, so I guess it's coffee!