Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bento Box!

I am loving this bento box that I got. It makes packing lunch and snacks so much easier.  Well, in today's case, packing dinner :)

This is the only noteworthy meal of today so it's the only one I'm going to post and I am doing it now before I head into work til late.  Had a great trampoline workout this morning too so I'm pretty pumped :)

Tonight's dinner was a yum stuffed bento box! From the top left is dolma, falafel, hummus, carrot, strawberries and pineapple. This is gonna be good!

Hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. Yum, pineapple is so good. Do you make your falafel or buy them?

  2. I definitely have food-box envy! Right now my classroom where I mold young minds is super hot, and my "lunch box" is a glass container on an ice pack.

  3. FF - I know, I LOVE pineapple and was craving it today! I bought these and let me tell you, they were really disappointing. They didn't taste right at all and actually make me feel sick! I'll prob make my own baked version from now on.

    Ingrid - The box was a little bit of an investment but I really love it. Not only does it photograph well (bonus!) but I'm weird about my food touching so I really love the separate compartments! You can find it here: http://secure.laptoplunches.com/AMAZING/items.asp?Cc=BENTOSET2%2E0&Bc=

  4. Weird about your food touching?! With all those chopped salads you show?!

  5. Well salads are supposed to touch! I mean things like mains and sides and things like that! I would NEVER put fruit next to hummus in an undivided container...and multiple containers is just annoying ;)