Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No natural disasters today!

Yay no natural disasters today! Although a hurricane is on the way, which caused my friend to postpone his visit up here :( Major bummer! I'm pretty upset about it because I haven't seen him since April and don't know when we'll be able to reschedule. I'm sure it will also have an impact on my margarita consumption :(

Only took pics of lunch and dinner today.

Lunch: WF's prepared yumminess - golden sesame tofu and quinoa/zucchini/chickpea salad.

Dinner: Dolma, carrots and garlic and herb cashews.

There was plenty of food consumed between all these meals, just none that were noteworthy.


  1. The quinoa sounds awesome! Was there curry in it, or is it just yellow?

  2. Yeah, lunch looks really interesting. Did you make the Tofu & the Quinoa?

  3. Bummer about your friend not being able to visit you. I agree with FF and Shen on your looks yummy!

  4. FF - It was really good! The yellow was from turmeric!

    Shen - I got the tofu and quinoa from the Whole Foods prepared section. The middle of the week is tough schedule wise so I tend to do prepared food more on those days.

    Michelle - I know, I'm really bummed that he isn't able to make it. I was looking forward to it so much!