Monday, August 8, 2011

Q & A?

I don't have any food to post today because I was too lazy to take photos of my completely unexciting meals so I thought maybe I'd start a Q&A sesh?

This is meant to be light and fun. I love doing those little survey quiz things and I haven't seen any fun ones so I thought it may be fun to create our own?  If any of you guys have any questions for me feel free to ask them in the comments and I'll post tomorrow with the answers!

have fun, ask as many as you want and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have for me!!

And thank you all again for your kind words yesterday.  It is so hard to lose a pet, they become a part of the family but all of the nice comments meant a lot.

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  1. How can 'Couples Retreat' be one of your favorite movies???? That movie sucked balls!