Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of food lately, been super busy with work.  I got put on a wedding today at the last minute so I'll be out all day working.  I do have tomorrow off (yay!!) so I'll have yummy meals to post and plenty of time to plan for my raw food experiment (starting Monday and lasting until my friend comes to visit on August 25).

Already did 30 minutes on the trampoline which felt great! Can't wait for yoga tomorrow and I'll make up today's training session I miss today right after yoga tomorrow.  I have found that I have better training sessions right after yoga because I'm so stretched out and feeling great so I hope the same is true tomorrow after the long day I'm going to have today.

Any suggestions for raw meals? I have Ani Phyo's books which will help, planning lots of veggie noodles and salads and whatnot, but anything different? Maybe breakfasts?

Sorry again for the lack of food.  I promise to make it up tomorrow! Maybe I'll post the recipe for those amazing truffles as an olive branch for my laziness :)

Since I like photos I'll post 2 random photos I shot at Five Pointz in Long Island City. I can't remember if I've posted them on this blog before, so if I have I'm sorry but check em out again!

Lens Flare!

Love these walls and the angle makes it look almost seemless!

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