Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recipe Testing - Half Baked Truffles!

I don't know where this thought came from, but how great would a truffle filled with half cookie dough and half brownie batter/dough be?! I decided to make it happen and let me tell you, the results were phenomenal! They are very rich and very sweet, but this decadent treat is so worth it.  Super delicious, crisp chocolate shell and an almost creamy center.

Naked Truffle Centers!

Sample Box #1

Sample Box #2

There were about 3 more boxes of samples made (of various sizes). One batch makes a TON, at least two dozen.

Busted open! Looks so good!

I'm so glad this was a success, I've wanted to try making these for a while! I'll post the recipe soon :)


  1. Oh my gosh amazing. Can't wait for the recipe. It sounds like Ben and Jerry's Half Baked ice cream! That stuff was soooo good when I was like 14.

  2. YEEEEEES!! that ice cream was the inspiration for the name and the cookie dough topped brownies was the inspiration for the truffle :)

  3. These sounds delish! I made some raw brownie balls the other day, but these sound like they would be better. Can't wait for the recipe!

  4. Shen - That is a phenomenal idea! I'm housesitting in a few weeks and I'll have a big beautiful kitchen to play in so maybe I'll bake some treats and then give them away (on here) so I don't eat them all :D

    Michelle - They are very amazing if I do say so myself lol. I've had nothing but rave reviews for them...but these are not raw or healthy in the slightest way ;) You have to treat yourself once in a while!