Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yummy Eats and Fur Children!

Hello again everyone :) Lots of craziness over the past few days! We still don't have power at work (!!!) so yesterday I got to work from home.  On a whim I called my gym to see if my trainer had a 45 minute slot open for a bonus session and sure enough someone had canceled so I grabbed the slot! I'm so glad I did because the workout felt amazing yesterday and I've been feeling really good in general lately. I have another session tomorrow and I finally got my yoga dvds so I can't wait to give those a try too!

I've been at my brother's house pet sitting this week and it is so nice to be around animals again.  I figured I'd introduce to you them because they are awesome and cute.  My apologies for the funky color in the pics but I'm sure you'll get the point ;)

This is Tyler! He's a bit neurotic and needs a lot of attention but he is so sweet you can't help but love playing and cuddling with him.

This is Jack. She is a rescue kitty. The vet said she was a he hence the name. THey found out later that she is a female but kept the name.

This is Eddie, another rescue kitty. He used to be super anti-social but now he is such a mush and loves to be pet...he purrs like crazy!

They are so cute I had to show them off :) Now onto the eats!

Breakfast: Big ol' bowl of watermelon and blackberries. Super refreshing.

Midmorning: that my name is on the cup, too bad it's spelled wrong ;)

Lunch: Another chopped salad.

Dinner: Broccoli with olive oil and garlic, carrots with unpictured hummus and this amazing cucumber salad I got from the same place as the salad.  

There were also some un-pictured snacks. Pretty yummy day!

Hopefully we'll have power in the studio tomorrow.  Today we were running off a was so hot in there because we were afraid to try to plug in the AC! Excited for another training session too :)


  1. Eddie is gorgeous!! And the pup is such a dollface. Too cute. The house looks really nice too, judging from the countertops, haha.

  2. Eddie is a really handsome kitty, we say it all the time and Tyler is awesome. He will greet you at the door when you walk in without fail. Their house is amazing, I'm living vicariously through them this week and those countertops will be where all your vegan treats are made this weekend (after a thorough cleaning of course!).

  3. Such cute fur babies! It's always so comforting to be around animals, especially when they show you such love.

    Your salad looks great, but the watermelon and blackberries really sounds good! I'm hoping to get a watermelon at the farmers market this weekend. I've been craving it.

  4. Thanks, yes they are so sweet :) The fruit was delicious! You should def go for the watermelon!

  5. Somebody in Bro's house has excellent taste. Looked at the tiled walls.

    I hope that cold coffee drink doesn't leave a ring on the granite counter top!

    Adorable babies!!! Tyler is so snowy white. Feel free to run your hands all over him before baking the giveaway treats.

  6. My bro and sister and law found a gorgeous house and the previous owners did a great job with it! The countertop remained ring free :) LOL I'll give him a good pet for all of you guys but I'll still wash my hands before baking!