Thursday, September 22, 2011


Thank you all so much for the early birthday wishes yesterday! You are all so sweet :) Today was the big day and it was a fairly normalish day but was made special by my friends and family which was nice.  Weekday birthdays kind of stink...and add working the weekend on top of it and it stinks even more.  I am going for dinner on Sunday with my family though which will be nice. The only requirement I had for where was just that I needed to be able to get a giant margarita :)

So, here is how I spent my 28th birthday!! Get ready, this is gonna be a picture heavy post :)

Started off with breakfast, gf english muffin, peanut butter and my fancy cut bananas ;) Cinnamon sprinkled on top, naturally.

Iced soy latte, purchased with the gift card that Shen sent me! Thanks so much Shen!

So I'm sitting at work talking to a client on the phone and a delivery guy walks in with this...

A huge ass, gorgeous Edible Arrangements bouquet! YUM!! My bro, sister in law, little beautiful babycakes niece, and the animals (;]) sent it to me. Yay for vegan birthday awesomeness! What a great surprise!


Fast forward for a minute: When I came home I took it apart. Look at this amazing container! Breakfast for a while. There is a separate container with honeydew. That is for anyone else that wants fruit. I don't like honeydew. This is my container because I'm greedy ;)

For lunch I ate half of this yummy chopped salad.  I ate lunch super late and don't like eating right before I work out so I didn't want to stuff myself full of salad. Works out well because I have lunch for tomorrow!

After work I went to the gym and used this equipment...and much more! Great workout, and my trainer gave me the session as my gift. Very nice of him!

I wanted Thai food as my special birthday meal so I got some to bring home. This is tofu with mixed veggies in a SPICY sauce. After this dinner my mouth was on fire and my belly was full. Perfect meal I'd say. And I have a bunch left for dinner tomorrow!

I have the best mommy ever and she took her first shot at vegan baking. She refused to let me bake my own birthday treat so she researched recipes and found the recipe for these DELICIOUS pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Clearly my mom knows me well choosing a treat with pumpkin AND chocolate. They were delicious, she did an awesome job!

So, that was my day :) Family dinner is on Sunday so I'll try and get pics then if I remember after my margarita (HA!).  Hope you all had an amazing day!


  1. Hooray! What a fabulous day! I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday, and got a workout session as a gift. Pumpkin and chocolate - wow, I'm almost salivating!

  2. I'm sorry I missed wishing you well yesterday! So, happy birthday! It looks like you had a great day. How sweet of you mom to bake for you. They do sound exactly like something you'd enjoy.
    Love the fruit arrangement! I've always wanted one of those!

  3. Love the edible bouquet...I'm with you on honeydew: too dry, melons should be super juicy.

    I've seen pumpkin/choc chip cookies before, but now I think it's finally sunk in that I must try some. How sweet of your mom!

    Enjoy the rest of your b-day week!

  4. Ingrid - It was nice and mellow, just the way I like it :) The workout was such a nice bonus, my trainer kicks ass! My mom has excellent taste with the pumpkin chocolate combo ;)

    FF - Thanks! Today is the day, so you are totally in time :) I did have a lovely day and my mom is the best! It is my first edible arrangement too. My family knows me really really well.

    Rose - Thank you! I'm sure someone will eat that honeydew...just won't be me! Can't wait to dive into that huge bucket of yumminess though! Definitely give the cookies a try! My mom did an awesome job and after eating one I already have an idea to take them a step further ;) Stay tuned for that!

  5. Wow, what a fantastic post! I love all the pictures. It looks like you had a great birthday (and made out like a bandit too! All those gifts!).

    You don't like honeydew melon? If I were there, I'd eat every last bite of the honeydew! It's my favorite melon. I love Edible Arrangements too, but I don't share with my coworkers. MINE! All mine!

    Please share the pumpkin cookie recipe! :)

  6. What a nice birthday full of happy surprises. I love that your mom made you pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Happy birthday, once again :)

    Also, that salad looks amazing! What kind of dressing do you use? And do you put the dressing on right before you eat it or when you pack it?

  7. The fruit is beautiful! Happy Belated B'day!!!!
    And I am going to pretend the pink thing isn't for exercise and is some REALLY kinky sex toy you bought yourself for your 28th!

  8. Hy Sarah,
    chanced upon your space, while blog hopping...glad I stopped by..
    very interesting space you hve..lovely presentation..
    belated b'day wishes...:)
    Am your happy follower now..
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  9. Wow! Thanks everyone!!

    Sage - Thanks! I felt like everything was so pictureworthy so I just snapped away! Everyone was very generous with their gifts :) I mostly got cash to put toward an iphone, I'm just debating whether or not to wait for the new one! And trust me, I'm not sharing that edible arrangement at all! I'll ask my mom what recipe she used and I'll share with all of you.

    Nikki - Thanks again! I usually use some sort of balsamic vinaigrette situation but I really like using hummus as well. If I'm eating the salad for lunch I'll just dress it but for dinner I'll pack it.

    Skinny - THanks! LOL look at you being all sassy! That pink thing is a jump rope and the gloves are obvi boxing gloves. But now I know where your mind is, lol!

    Jay - Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm glad you like my little corner of the web here :) THanks for the birthday wishes and I'll definitely make sure to check out your blog.

  10. The english muffins with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon look oh so yummy! Sometimes it's the simple meals that sound the best. :) Happy belated birthday! I'm 28 also - it's a good year!

  11. Thanks Jesse! You are right, sometimes the simplest meals are the best! Cheers to 28!

  12. Looks like a great day of bday grub. Starbucks sure is stingy with those 'H's.

  13. Happy belated birthday! You have the same birthday as my dad (riveting, I know). That's a really nice edible arrangement. And what a sweet Momma!

  14. Shen - It was def a good day of grub. And yes, Starbucks hates spelling my name right apparently. As long as the drink is right though :)

    Jenny - Thanks!! LOL that is definitely cool to share the day with your dad and something equally exciting? Sharing the bday with Scott Baio. I'm sure your dad will be super excited about that tidbit ;) My mom is the best! And the arrangment is beautiful AND delicious.

  15. I'm so glad you had a great b-day. Love the pink boxing gloves!
    The Edible Arrangements is so pretty! What a perfect gift. And how sweet of your mom to bake you those cookes. I'd say you had a super duper