Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WTF Wednesday!

Good morning everyone! In typical Wednesday fashion I'm going to post my meals in the morning because I'm totally lazy when I get home from work at 9.

I started off my day with 36 oz. of water. This is a new part of my little routine. I never thought of the whole burning off water while you sleep situation and it makes sense so by drinking lots of water in the morning you replace what you lost and you kickstart your body for the day :)

Breakfast: A yummy bowl of of my fav combos! Oats, cinnamon, banana, raisins and walnuts. SO good.

For lunch I made my favorite rice bowl to bring to work - brown rice, roasted cauliflower, roasted chickpeas and sun-dried tomatoes. This is gonna be good.

For dinner I packed up some baby carrots and tomato with hummus...see Shen, no more abnormally large carrots (until I get back to Whole Foods at least!). I also cut up an apple to eat with it.

There will inevitably be coffee consumed, green tea, lots of water and some raw almonds that I also packed. 

Tomorrow is the day! I turn 28 whole years old. Ah!


  1. Happy (early) birthday! Your breakfast looks delicious! I love bananas in the morning, especially with some peanut butter.

  2. Breakfast and lunch look so yummy. Dinner sounds good too, but I think I might starve if I only ate carrots and tomatoes with hummus for my dinner. :o)

    I need to start drinking more water! I just can't seem to get it down though. That's all I drink besides hot tea or coffee in the mornings, but I just don't drink much through out the day. I probably drink a total of 2 16.9oz bottles a day. :(

    WooHoo...Happy early birthday!

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  4. I am slowly coming around to the "drink water before anything else" morning routine. Another delish day! Happy early birthday, I hope you get to do everything you'd like to do! :)

  5. Yay, thanks for all the early bday wishes :)

    Sage - Bananas and peanut butter are one of my favs! I love making what I call my "Breakfast banana split!"

    Michelle - I also ate an apple with dinner. I have to bring a munchable dinner on Wednesdays because I have to eat in between appointments so it is easier to do so with a plate like that. I drink about 60-90 oz of water a day depending on the day but I need to be consistent, especially on days I work out...

    Ingrid - It is a pain in the butt to start off with that much water but I think it really helps. And at least I know I have 36 oz of water in my system before I even eat breakfast!

  6. Hey,

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Your morning oats always look so good and full of flavors and textures. always drink a large glass of water with lemon juice first thing in the morning too. And, I love the roasted cauliflower/roasted chickpea combo with s/d tomatoes...I'm gonna try that one for sure.

    Hope you have some fun plans for marking your 28th year. Have fun!

  7. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Sarah!

    I agree with Rose, your oatmeal absolutely always looks so good! I'm craving this oatmeal right now. And it's almost 9pm. That means I have to wait all night! (ahhh). The rice bowl looks delicious too :)

    Have a good day tomorrow!

  8. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to hear how you celebrated.

  9. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope your year is full of every bit of awesomeness that you desire :)

    Btw, I often eat hummus for dinner. I call it my bachelorette-style healthy fast-food dinner, even though I still eat it while enjoying the company of my sweet bf. However, I used to have it for dinner almost every night when I was a single gal. So yummy and fast and no dishes.

  10. Thank you all so much for the wishes!

    Rose - Thanks, I love oats and playing with different add ins! It is such a versatile meal. Def try the rice bowl, I love the combination, hopefully you will too!

    Isobelle - Thanks! I'm planning on trying some baked oatmeal soon! Hopefully it'll be as good as my usual bowls!

    Thanks Shen! A coffee purchased with your gift card was definitely a part of the day! Thanks again!

    Nikki - Thank you so much! Hummus is so delicious and easy, I love it. I especially like it with veggies as a post workout dinner because I usually eat after I drink a protein shake and don't want a giant meal, so it is perfect!