Monday, September 19, 2011

AMAZING Workout Today!

There were a lot of fights on this weekend. From UFC Unleashed (old fights) on Friday to the Bellator fights and UFC Fight Night on Saturday as well as the much anticipated Mayweather - Ortiz bout, anyone that is interested in fighting/boxing was in heaven this included.  As a side note, I was watching UFC Fight Night and one of the fighters on the main card, Jake Shields has apparently made the jump from vegetarian to full vegan! It made me so happy to hear that! Anyway, needless to say, my trainer and I both walked into today's workout totally inspired to work hard and kick ass. And that is exactly how it went down.

We started off super fast paced. I felt really good and kept up with no problems.  We looked at the clock after a bunch of rounds and saw that only 20 minutes had passed - yet we had done more in those 20 minutes than in some sessions.  We practiced offense, defense, punches, knees, kicks...did some drills, balance exercises, shadow the end of my session we were both sweating. It felt absolutely amazing.

So, let's check out the meals that fueled this sick workout!

Breakfast: Gala apple, raisins and peanut butter. NOMS.

Midmorning: Coffee and a banana

Lunch: Mediterranean bento! Carrots, hummus, tomato, falafel, dolma. Fav meal.

Post workout: Protein Shake

Haven't gotten to dinner yet. It'll probably be a salad of some sort. 

Hope you all have a great night! :) I have so much energy right now hopefully I'll be able to get to sleep!


  1. wow, it sounds like you are having awesome workouts. I just stick with running and biking. I'm not sure that I could do anything else!

    Your lunch looks so good. I'm a slacker when it comes to lunch. I usually just eat a piece of fruit and some nuts, maybe even an oat/date bar if I'm lucky. I need to take some pointers from you!

  2. Thanks, I love my fight training workouts. I'm the kind of person that gets so bored so quickly with workouts that these keep my attention because they are different every time. I can't stand working out on machines, it is so boring...and I think that I get a more full body workout doing the fighting than I would isolating on machines. And it is just a lot of fun :)

    I find that planning ahead really helps. I try to eat all of my grains before 3:00 so if I'm going to have rice or quinoa it is for lunch and oatmeal would be breakfast. You can get a good base and just change it out according to taste and what you a brown rice bowl is so easy, just use brown rice with some sort of bean or chickpea for a little protein then add veggies. Super fast and easy!

  3. The idea of a Mediterranean bento is so fusion. Haha, fun. I've been loving apples and raisins with sunflower seed butter lately!

  4. I love hearing about athletes that are vegan. People assume vegans are weak and malnurished, but that's not true at all. Glad you had a good workout. What are you training for exactly? Maybe you explained that in another post.

    BTW, your bento box is super cute.

  5. FF - haha I'm so fancy ;) Isn't it such a great combo!?

    Sage - There are a few vegan MMA fighters! It always makes me happy to hear it. I'm not training for any particular event, I just prefer working out with a trainer. I've been doing the fight training for about 3 years now, and over the past year I've been more serious about it, especially the boxing. I don't know where it'll take me but I really love it so we'll see!

    You can get a super awesome bento box at this site!

  6. Don't you love packing/filling in all of the little containers in the lunchbox? I do.

  7. Yes, it is super fun! I feel like it gives me so many options ;)

  8. Wow...what an awesome work out! Maybe I can get off my lazy booty tonight and at least go for a steps right? :O)

    I need one of those bento boxes! I'm going have to go check em out! Your lunch looks awesome!

  9. Ha! They key is totally to find something that you love to do! If you love to dance, try zumba. If you want to stretch and mellow out, try yoga. If you want to be outside try walking/running, biking or rollerblading. Just customize it to your preferences. If I were stuck on a treadmill all the time I'd never work out!

    Def go for the box! It makes meals so fun!

  10. Why aren't the Falafel & Dolmas separated? Bad things could happen if they touch!