Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just For Fun

I don't have anything interesting to show you in terms of meals today because I basically have no groceries.  I'm going to make an early morning grocery run to Whole Foods tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some fun new eats to show off next well as my ingredients to bake for my giveaway winners!

I participate in a photo group on facebook and one of the assignments was to show something that we did that day so I took a pic of my boxing gloves and gym bag.

Check out those pink gloves! For all inquiring minds, the gloves are made of synthetic material.  I also have a pair of pink MMA gloves and use both pairs frequently (depending on the workout my trainer has in mind).  The best is when I'm hitting pads in the parking lot and everyone who walks by inevitably stops and stares...I guess a 5'2 girl with pink gloves that can actually hit is something they hadn't seen before ;)

Anyway, I know that is random but I figured why not. Oh and I want to show you some insanely cute pics I found :)

This is one of my fav pics ever. 

Isn't he precious!!?

Maybe it is a photographer thing, but I think this is awesome! I bet it works every time!!

Anyway, sorry for the randomness, more food tomorrow!!


  1. Is that a baby Polar Bear?!

    5'2"!!! Sounds like you can barely see over the steering wheel. No wonder you smashed into that other car!

  2. I was going to ask too - can polar bears be that tiny?!?!? Eek!!
    I also love the smile tat - I think finger tattoos are so hot!

  3. Shen - lol yes I'm a shorty :) The reason I slammed my knee into the dashboard is because I sit so close because I can't reach the pedals :X And yes I believe that is a baby polar bear!

    FF - He is the cutest. I think that tattoo is amazing I kind of almost want to copy it (but I won't).