Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out The Door!

Hey everyone, I pretty much have one foot out the door right now to head off to this wedding but I wanted to do a quick post of my breakfast because it was SO GOOD!

After my hour long vinyasa yoga class (which felt AMAZING since I'm still all tight and jammed up from the car accident), I came home and drank a quick cup of coffee after I showered while getting ready for my day.  I knew I needed a hearty meal since it is my first meal of the day and only one til probably about 7pm.  I made a GF english muffin with some mashed avocado and one of my farmer's market tomatoes. I served that up with some sweet pineapple and strawberries and drank a 36 oz. bottle of water. My belly is full and satisfied.

We all know that while it was a healthy and hearty meal, it won't last from 10:30 am until 7pm so I'm packing up one of my new bars I found yesterday to bring and snack on. I decided on the energy one because I'll probably need a boost.

Sorry for the rushed post but I have to get going! Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!!


  1. I hope the energy bar holds you over, or at least there's something at the wedding you can eat!
    Breakfast looks awesome.

  2. Thanks, the energy bar was good, but what you saw was all I ate. No dinner orders so they gave me a plate of meat with veggies...naturally they couldn't leave the veggies plain, they had to put some mystery sauce on them which inevitably contained butter so I didn't eat...I need to find more portable snacks to bring.

  3. And I hope you capture poignant moments from the wedding that will last forever.