Friday, September 9, 2011

Trying new things!

Today was fairly typical for me I think. I didn't get pics of my meals because they were boring but I'll run through it quickly.  Breakfast was some oats, lunch was rice and beans with some veggies...there was coffee in there somewhere and a larabar.

After work (I get out at 2 on Fridays...don't be too jealous because I am working a 10 hour day tomorrow - not including travel) I decided to make a quick Whole Foods run to see what I could come up with.  I decided that now is the time to try some new things.  Here's what I came up with!

I've been meaning to try the SO Delicious coconut milk yogurt for a while now. I was so turned off by soy yogurt though that I've been afraid to try it.  I decided that now is the time, so I bought one in the strawberry banana flavor and I'm planning on trying it this weekend.

Kombucha! I've had this on my mind for months now, but the whole floaty thing in the drink really freaks me out.  I stood in front of the case pondering while a lady next to me was stocking her cart like she was going to be in a bunker for the next 10 years so I decided to just ask for a recommendation. She said that this brand is the best and has "the least offensive vinegar taste" which was such a great selling point!! ;)  I decided to go for the Guava flavor...we'll see how it works out! I'll definitely let you know when I try it!

They had sample tables set up for this line of raw vegan bars.  I didn't even try them I just grabbed these two to try. The green is supposed to be great for energy so I'm going to bring it to the wedding to snack on tomorrow and how could I pass up a raw chocolate brownie bar? These are raw, gluten free and vegan.

When I got home from Whole Foods I relaxed for a few hours then it was time for a training session. We had a great session today and I felt really good. We did a combination of hitting and kicking the heavy bag, cardio, line drills, abs/core, and some lunges. I love how exercise makes me happy rather than how I used to dread it.  I've actually been thinking that I want to teach myself how to roller skate! Maybe down the road :)

When I got home I literally chugged 36 oz of water.  Imagine chugging 4.5 cups of water and how NOT hungry that makes you. I haven't brought myself to eat dinner and I'm still thirsty...I may end up having some fruit for dinner to quench the thirst but also get some food in.  It's gonna have to happen soon though.

I hope you all had a great Friday! I have yoga in the morning then a wedding tomorrow but I'll try and pop on to post something in between! 


  1. Awesome snags! I have only tried soy yogurt, and only the plain flavor if you can believe it. How boring am I? Let us know how the coconut one is. Also, GTs Kombucha is definitely the best I've had, without any added sugars either. Some brands add cane sugar. Haven't had the guava though. AND, finally, those two bars sound awesome! What is in the energy bomb one?

  2. You totally aren't boring, plain yogurt is best for you without the added sugars...fresh fruit can totally jazz it up. I heard they are coming out with a greek style one too? If this one isn't totally gross I'll have to keep my eyes open for it.

    The energy bar has raw chocolate, guarana and ginseng. The brownie bar has raw chocolate, almonds and raising. Mmm. I'll definitely post about these when I try them.

  3. Very interested to see your thoughts on the yogurt! I tried Kombucha (definitely that brand, maybe even guava - can't remember), and really wanted to like it due to the health benefits. I think I had four or five over a two week period. My current memories are of it being fizzy and acidic, a little tart - but fine in moderation.

    Have a lovely Saturday, hope the yoga and wedding are perfect!

  4. I'm hoping to like the kombucha is supposed to be so good for you, I have just heard a lot of things that make me afraid of the taste lol. Thanks, I hope you have a great Saturday too! Yoga was amazing and hopefully the wedding will go well :)

  5. I'll bet you would love being in a Roller Derby league.

    Don't be afraid of Kombucha. It's the perfect thirst quencher for me. The floaty stuff wont gag you at all.

  6. That is why I wanted to learn how to skate! Being a derby girl is actually on my "bucket list." :X

    Thanks, I'm gonna probably try the kombucha tomorrow. Do you recommend any specific brands or flavors? Do you drink the whole bottle or just a serving at a time?