Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today's meals were the same old so I'm gonna spare you the boring stuff and take you right to my most recent baking venture!

My co-worker's birthday is on Saturday, and since we all have different schedules on Friday I decided to bake for her and bring it in today. I always do cupcakes but decided to take a chance and do something different, so I decided to go for Whoopie Pies!  For those of you poor sheltered souls that don't know what a whoopie pie is basically kind of a cake sandwich, typically chocolate cake (but they have been made out every kind of cake possible) sandwiched around a fluffy white cream filling. They came out AMAZING! The cake was soft and spongey and the filling was light and fluffy.

Check them out!

The traditional whoopie pie!

The birthday girl likes raspberry so I made a few with some raspberry jam on the cake.

Posing for a picture!

All lined up and ready to go!

I'm really glad I took the chance and decided to make these instead of the same old cupcakes. The birthday girl seemed to be happy as well, she said that she LOVES whoopie pies and dug right into a raspberry one for breakfast!  She loved it, so this venture was a success!

Hope you all had a great day and yay for Friday tomorrow!

*Edited to add - I just read that Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte, even when made with soy milk and no whip is NOT vegan?! WTF IS THAT?! That just totally ruined my night.


  1. I am officially traumatized - what part of the pumpkin spice isn't vegan?! I almost got one on the way to work, glad I didn't. Sarah, you have outdone yourself - those whoopie pies look so yummy!

  2. I am traumatized because I DID drink one yesterday! I'm glad to have found out at the beginning of the season but I am feeling horrible vegan guilt right now :( They don't use a regular syrup like the Torani bottles or whatever brand, they make a special blend that they add powdered milk and SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK to. Ugh I'm totally horrified. And thanks! I was so happy with how they came out!

  3. Ack, what a bummer about the pumpkin lattes, sorry to hear it but definitely don't beat yourself up! Instead, make one of these:
    Anyway, your whoopie pies look awesome. I love the raspberry one! I am bummed about your treat, BTW. They got here yesterday but I was at work so the post office is holding them but they didn't tell me which Post Office. Don't worry - I am intent on tracking them down! I appreciate all the work you put into it.

  4. Awww ok good I'm glad they didn't get totally lost or anything! I am so excited for you to try them :) Hope they don't give you a hard time when you try to find them! Thanks for the recipe, I'll have to check it out! I'm trying to substitute my afternoon cup for green tea, and it has been pretty good over the past few days.

    Thanks! The whoopie pies were fun to make! My bday is in a few weeks so I'm gonna try and think of something super fun to make to celebrate! :)

  5. Bummer about the pumpkin spice lattes :(

    I saw a recipe on Chocolate-Covered Katie for a vegan alternative:

    Those whoopie pies look so luscious! I've never tried baking/making them, but would like to this fall. Also, thanks for sharing your breakfast PB&J apple idea :)

    Happy Friday!


  6. It's been so long since I had a whoopie pie; these look so delicious and cute! Great idea for a birthday party. I saw your treats on Shen's blog too; you're an awesome baker! You should open an online bake shop!

  7. Those whoopie pies look awesome! Great job! I used to love whoopie pies, but after I became vegan I never ate one again. I have several recipes...just haven't tried making them yet. I'm going to have try making some now after seeing yours.

    Bummer about Starbucks! I never really go to there much...cost to much for me. :o)

    BTW...your truffles rock! The cookies were great also, but those truffles...OMG! I got them yesterday and ate one right away. I posted it on my blog this morning. Thank you soooo much! And your card was super sweet too!

  8. Avi - IIIIIIIIIII KNOW! Super bummer. I saw the recipe on CCK, thanks!! If you are gonna try making them this fall, maybe try making a festive fall flavor like pumpkin whoopie pies or caramel apple(?!!) cakes with caramel filling...oooh! Glad you like the pb and apple, it is an old fav but SO GOOD.

    Rose - Thank you so much for that, you have NO CLUE how much it means to hear that. I've been baking since I was really young and it has been a dream of mine since I was about 13 to have a baking business. I've actually been working on it and thinking about setting up an Etsy site. The only thing is I really like to make custom treats so I'd have to figure out how to work that on Etsy.

    Michelle - Thanks! I have to say, these had a great texture! They were so spongey! I only like starbucks because they have soy milk and it is the only place I can go when I'm out and about and need a pick-me-up. So glad you liked the treats and the card! I love those cupcake cards :)

  9. I'm here (or wherever) to vouch for your baking prowess.

    Truffle innards were fresh and creamy --equal parts CC Cookie Dough/Brownie Batter. Chocolate shell not too thick, not too thin.

    MHC Snickerdoodles baked to chewy perfection with exactly the right amount of crunchy sugar topping.

    Packaging done with safety in mind first. Presentation a close second.

    Very impressive first giveaway showing. I give it a '9'. I'd give it a '10 but no Whoopie Pies were included.

  10. Aww thanks Shen! I may have to take you up on that when/if I ever get this business going :) I don't even know how I could possibly pack these whoopie pies without it being a total mess! I'll have to figure it out...well I do have an idea but I don't think they'd be considered true whoopie pies.

  11. I came by to check out the truffle recipes for these little wonders I keep seeing out there. And now I'm also mesmerized by the whoopie pies. So cute.

  12. Hey Jenny, thanks for stopping by! Thank you so much, they were so yummy! I am hoping to experiment with new flavors soon :)