Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 23: xgfx Survey!

I am not gonna lie, I've been saving this post for a day where I just didn't have anything to show you. We all hit some ruts and i'm pretty happy with my MoFo progress. I've posted every day and there is food in every post somewhere so I figured this survey would help me get through a slump. The "slump" is mainly because I'm working a wedding today and I just haven't had time to photograph what I've eaten today.

I was perusing Manifest Vegan and found this xgfx survey! I haven't seen a gluten free based survey before so I thought it would be fun to fill out. Here we go!

1. What’s your favorite gluten-free flour?
Of the ones I've used so far I've really enjoyed oat flour for baking. You all know how much I love my morning oats so this was kind of a natural progression for me!
2. What have you always wanted to deglutenize, but haven’t yet?
It would certainly be quite a victory but I would LOVE to figure out a gluten free, vegan Challah Bread. Challah was one of my favorite breads when I was an omni and I have yet to try a vegan version...and now gluten free.
3. What’s one of your favorite xgfx meals to make?
I've been really into simple meals of rice and beans lately. Brown rice with either red or black beans, fresh veggies, avocado and some pico de gallo and I'm such a happy camper.
4. Your biggest gluten-free success that makes ya most proud?
I haven't had too many gf adventures but my Carrot Spice Oat Bread came out AMAZING and I'm really proud of that recipe.
5. Most “epic xgfx fail”?
I tried to make pumpkin pie truffles and attempted to use gluten free flour in there and it was NASTY. Ew. Still working on the truffles but I assure you there will not be any gf flour.
6. What product do you wish was xgfx that isn’t?
Really amazing fresh out of the oven crusty bread. Mmm.
7. If you could pass along one gluten-free tip to a gluten-free newbie, what would it be?
Don't be afraid to experiment. The worst that can happen is you have a bad batch of whatever. The best that can happen is you come up with something amazing! And every time you experiment you learn which is the most important thing.
8. What’s your favorite xgfx product?
9. Is there anything you miss being gluten-free?
Really good bread.
10. Any xgfx techniques you’ve learned that have been most helpful?
I don't really have any tips because I haven't really played around with baking all that much yet. As far as cooking it is just a matter of adapting gf ingredients to your favorite meals and making them work for you!
11. Have you found a favorite gluten-free pizza dough recipe that makes your heart sing?
I have yet to try gluten free pizza dough. It is funny because I've really wanted pizza lately but all gluten free prepared dough I've found is not vegan. I just bought some pizza dough flour mix thing so I'll have to play with that in the future. Hopefully it is good!
12. Xanthan gum. Do you or don’t you? Love it or leave it?
I haven't worked with it yet but I know it is supposed to make all the difference with baking.
13. Favorite gluten free prepackaged bread.
Now, let me make it clear that no gluten free bread will EVER compare to fresh bread made of wheat. It just won't happen. However, I did find one kind...Food For Life (I think) Millet bread. It toasts up with a really nice texture and I love the taste of it so it definitely makes a suitable replacement for those avocado toast breakfasts!
14. What’s your favorite way to nosh on quinoa?
I like to throw in some veggies and chomp away!
15. Name five of your most coveted pantry staples.
Almond milk, oats, nuts, dates spices
16. If you could only buy three gluten free flours to last you for three months, what would they be?
Besan (chickpea flour), oat flour and almond flour
17. Any xgfx ingredients you are intimidated about trying?
I'm intimidated by the whole flour mixing situation.  Some recipes call for three different flours and it just seems really intimidating.
18. Favorite place to buy foods?
Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and farmer's markets
19. Favorite meal when dining out?
I'm a sucker for a good plate of tofu and veggies, or a salad topped with amazing falafel and hummus, OR a yummy plate of rice and beans.
20. Freebee – create your own question and have fun with it!
Favorite xgfx treat (something that you only get for yourself every once and awhile)? (I liked Allyson's question so I kept it!)
Pre-made Kale Chips. My Whole Foods brings in Kale Chips from a local company and I tried the Sea Salt and vinegar flavor and they are PHENOMENAL. So tangy and noochy. They are just very expensive so they will be a rare treat.

Just as a reminder, today is the last day to vote for the first cut of my Holiday Baking Bracket!! If you have not voted please do so by midnight tonight :) I forgot to mention that I'll probably have my mom be the tie-breaker in case that should occur. But I hope to get a few more votes in before midnight!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Have you ever posted about how you were diagnosed with Celiac? Was it hereditary?

  2. Oat flour is pretty awesome, I do agree! I will definitely check out the Food for Life, I've seen it in the store and wondered about it. Mmmm, . . .kale chips.

  3. Shen - I was never diagnosed officially. I don't even think I have Celiac, I think it is more of a wheat intolerance than anything. I would have these periods of time where I'd be exhausted and dizzy and weak and just feeling overall yucky. My trainer suggested it might be a wheat intolerance and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try so I did a one month wheat detox. The first two weeks I went completely wheat and grain free so I ate fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans/tofu. Then the second two weeks I added back oats and rice. I felt A MILLION times better and I always pay more attention to how I feel after I eat wheat and it is generally yucky so I just decided that gluten free is how I feel best.

    Ingrid - I love oats, so oat flour is a given :) The bread is good, it won't be like fresh bakery bread but it is an acceptable option for those toast and avocado cravings :)

  4. I love me some quinoa. I make it with broccoli, raisins, chopped almonds or other nuts, and a tiny bit of soy sauce. It sounds strange, but I was at a Buddhist retreat and they had this dish there and I loved it.

  5. Sage that sounds delicious! I'll have to try that! Thanks for the idea :)

  6. To be honest, I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling to get posts written for VeganMOFO. In fact, on today's post I lamented my photography skills. Then I bump into your blog...inspiring! I must find time to take better images...

  7. Aww thanks Trista! It is just a matter of being patient when it comes to photographing meals. I'm totally guilty of recycling pics on a rare occasion but sometimes it just happens. I eat the same things pretty much all the time so I feel like it gets boring during MoFo so I'm trying to think of new things to post...some days are more exciting than others ;)

  8. I just discovered you blog and love it! I am following you now :) Great list, being gluten free must be so hard. My sis in law and mother in law are both gluten free. I guess the good thing is that it's a very well known condition now and mostly all grocery stores carry some type of GF products :)

  9. Thanks Carissa!! Gf is pretty difficult, mostly because I'm so accustomed to eating lots of yummy bread and baked goods and also because wheat somehow sneaks it's way into SO MANY THINGS! There are a lot of gf products but I try to stay away from a lot of processed food anyway (except that gf bread, gotta have avocado toast!) and make my own but it is nice to have some gf convenience food available in a pinch!

    I read on your blog that you are pregnant, congrats!!! Such wonderful news :)