Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 25: Recipe Testing - Almond Joy Cookies!!

Hey hey! I'm making up for my lack of actual food pics with some amazing cookies! I decided that since it seems like those Almond Joy Cookies have a shot of winning the bracket, I should probably come up with a recipe for them. I've never actually made them before but I LOVE the combination of almonds, chocolate and coconut...in fact, they are my favorite 3 flavors :)

So I got to baking...how do they look?

Coconut flavored cookies (secret weapon is coconut extract)...

Sliced almonds (may trade them out for slivered almonds for more texture and almondy flavor)...

Chocolate chips!

...and shredded coconut for that extra coconut boost!

What do you think? Do they sound good? I'm going to test a different version with a chocolate cookie, shredded coconut and almond. We'll see which one works out best!

What are your favorite flavors that would work well in a cookie?


  1. These look soooo amazing. Remember that old commercial for Almond Joy and Mounds? "Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don't." I'd say I feel like a nut most days. :)

  2. I'm impressed with your confidence in listing a cookie on your bracket before you even had a recipe! Impressive cookie creating skills. I don't know what my favorite flavors are. Chocolate mixed chocolate probably.

  3. Those sure are some pretty cookies! They already sound great, so I can't wait for the finished product!
    My favorite flavors are chocolate and mint...total yumminess! :o)

  4. I was going to say, I expected the Almond Joy cookie to be chocolate based but I'm sure either way you make them will be great.

  5. Chocolate, almond, and coconut definitely work any way you make it! I think they look great; more importantly they hopefully smell divine (smell is a good indication of taste in my book)!! Can't wait to see the next round! Too bad we can't scratch and sniff on the internet.

  6. Sage - haha yes I remember the commercials! I totally feel like a nut most days too :)

    Jenny - Haha thanks. The recipe wasn't difficult to come up with it is more of deciding how I want the flavors to present themselves. I'm actually REALLY happy with the coconut cookie because I think the most dominant flavor in the Almond Joy bar is coconut...but I'll try a chocolate based one too.

    Michelle - Thanks! My mom tried one and she flipped! SHe said they were her new favorite cookies so it is a good chance that these are going to make many more appearances. I LOVE chocolate and mint too! So good.

    FF - I went out on a limb trying the coconut base and I think they came out so good. You can really use anything as the base...coconut, chocolate or almond. Mmm.

    Ingrid - Thanks! They do smell pretty amazing :) I'll definitely make sure to keep you posted on all of my cookie testing adventures!

  7. I envisioned a chocolate based cookie as well. Maybe with chocolate frosting and coconut on top with one solid almond in the middle.

  8. Isobelle - Thanks! They have a very intense coconut flavor which I LOVE.

    Shen - That sounds so good! Maybe I'll haven't to make something like that too :) If I have time I'll definitely give it a try!

  9. "If you have time"? You have something better to do?