Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 26: Most. Boring. Post. Ever.

Hey everyone. Let me apologize in advance for how hideously boring this post is. I changed up the work schedule today and got out a little early and did a little cardio with my free time :) I didn't have a chance to photograph much of what I ate today but I have one meal and 2 snacks.

Salad. I added sun-dried tomatoes before I ate it. The chunks on the side are baked tofu. 

This is by far the most exciting part of this post! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the blueberry muffin Larabar and the only place I ever found them was in Orlando when I visited my friend earlier this year. I FINALLY found them! The small (not fancy) Whole Foods closer to my house had them. Go figure! Love this flavor :)

I love bananas.

So sorry about the total snoozefest of a post. I'll have way more interesting eats tomorrow, I promise!


  1. That is one seriously yellow banana! And I'm actually not a huge fan of the blueberry larabars for some reason. Too much cashew, I think.

  2. Ha! And I was going to say what Maud said about that being a very yellow banana. :) I understand your excitement in finding something in a store you've being looking for. I'm always sure that people two aisles over can hear me gasp.

  3. Mmmm...blueberry Larabars sound good. I'll need to check if my Whole Foods has them.

    Neon yellow banana? Watch out, it may be radioactive. :)

  4. The salad looks super yummy! I've seen the marinated tofu at the salad bar, and have always been a little afraid of it. Tell me your review, and I might be convinced to try it! :)

    Nothing boring about, always love reading your posts!

  5. Haha you are all way too kind :)

    FF - I know, the banana was super yellow and VERY delicious! I like the blueberry one a lot. My favs are typically citrusy and coconutty but for some reason this one sticks out to me too.

    Isobelle - They are soooo good.

    Jenny - I was so excited to find them, I've been searching for MONTHS.

    Sage - If you can find them give them a try! They aren't very sweet. I doubt I'll be able to find them again because that is just how it works for me ;)

    Ingrid - Thanks! You are too sweet :) The salad was great. I liked the texture of the tofu but it was really salty for my taste. I don't remember the flavor of it, I think it was just called "baked tofu" so maybe the one at yours is different?

  6. Your salad looks yummy!
    I haven't seen or tried the blueberry muffin Larabar yet. I need to keep my eyes open for it.

  7. It wasn't a snoozefest of a post. Each one reminds us how we should be eating. Like osmosis, it does sink through over time.

  8. Michelle - Thanks! The blueberry larabar is good but my favs are still the lemon, key lime pie and coconut.

    Shen - Thanks :)