Monday, October 31, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 31: Peace out MoFo!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!! I love Halloween so much but haven't indulged in any treats today because I'm preparing for my 30 day cleanse that starts tomorrow. Go figure, I finally get through MoFo (which was so daunting, I can't believe I posted every day!) and I plan a 30 cleanse to document. I probably won't be posting every day but I will definitely post a lot to show you what kinds of meals I'm cooking for this cleanse. I'll detail it for you in tomorrow's post as well.

I may not have eaten a treat today but I still received one!! The lovely Molly over at Vegan Flower hosted a giveaway for an AMAZING skull apron (it has skulls AND it is pink...couldn't be more perfect) as well as The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook AND I WON!! October has been such a lucky month for me! This is the second giveaway I've won and let me assure you, I NEVER win anything. I'm SO excited, this is by far the most perfect Halloween treat I could ask for! Thanks again Molly!

I grabbed the photo from her blog so I could show you what I won :) Yay!

As I said before, I have been trying to get ready for my upcoming cleanse so I took some time to prepare some veggies for the week...

Why hello there spaghetti squash. How you doin?

Check out the yield on this bad boy! This is a HUGE tupperware container full of it!

A giant tray of roasted veggies. This particular mix has zucchini, mushrooms and eggplant. Noms.

Make sure you stay tuned to see how I use all of this and all of the other clean eats I have planned :)

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe Halloween! To all my fellow MoFoers out there, congrats on a job well done and thank you to everyone for your support!

Last but not least, the final round of the Holiday Baking Bracket!!! Choose one from each of the two brackets please :)

Happy Halloween and have a great night!


  1. Congrats on finishing Vegan MoFo and for winning Molly's giveaway! Here are my cookie choices:

    1. carrot chewies
    2. Almond Joy cookies

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Good job on completing MoFo with flying colors, and congrats on your win. That apron will be perfect for you baking up all those holiday treats. Speaking of which:

    Carrot chewies
    Almond joy

    Happy Halloween Sarah!

  3. This was my first year aware of MoFo, and I can only imagine you and the other participants had a lot on your agenda!

    The spaghetti squash and roasted veggies look great, I'm interested to see how you'll use them!

    I'm personally in love the idea of pumpkin chocolate chip, so these need to be included. And also, magical coconut bars get my vote. Yum.

  4. Yummy looking veggies! I've been on a bit of a cleanse for the past week or so. Hoping to go until the end of November. I'm kind of just eating more raw meals though.

    Both brackets have treats that include coconut..ot oh..
    so hard!

    I think I'll go with
    carrot chewies and almond joy cookies

  5. Congrats on MoFo! I'm about ready to sleep for the next month.
    Magical Coconut Bars
    Almond Joy Cookies

  6. Magical coconut bars & almond joy cookies. :)

    I'm looking forward to reading about your cleanse and am glad you're excited about the goodies!

  7. Cool apron! Congrats on the win!
    I vote for Magical Coconut Bars and Almond Joy. :o)
    Good luck with your cleanse. I'm looking forward to seeing what all you eat.

  8. WOW I just had a bit of a scare because Google DEACTIVATED my account for a bit! I guess someone hacked into my account which is so messed up but it's all fixed now!

    Anyway, back to business!

    Sage - Thanks! I can't believe I posted was a bit of a stretch at times but I did it!

    Rose - Thanks! Can't wait to wear the apron in a cookie baking extravaganza!

    Ingrid - This was my first time participating in MoFo and it was fun but exhausting! I'm excited about sharing my cleanse :)

    Isobelle - There is coconut in the carrot cookies too ;) I must have been craving it when I wrote the list!

    FF - Thanks I am too! ANd congrats to you too, loved the theme!

    Molly - I'm looking forward to sharing it and thanks I'm definitely very excited about it!

    Michelle - Thanks! I've been cooking and roasting up a storm here for this cleanse!

  9. Magical Coconut Cookie Bars
    Almond Joy

    Congrats on the win. I don't even recall seeing that giveaway.

  10. magic bars

    Congrats on win and good job with mofo!

  11. I vote for magical coconut bars and pumpkin choc chip cookies :)
    Congrats on completing mofo & winning the giveaways, the apron is so cute! you totally have to post a pic of you in it.
    Do you think you'll do mofo again next year? I think I will- it was fun!
    All the best xxx

  12. Shen - Thanks! And I had a hunch you'd go for the Magical Coconut Bars.

    Jenny - Thanks!!

    Claire - Thank you! The apron is SO me I'm so excited that I won it! I will definitely do MoFo next year, I just hope to have a theme this time. I should probably start thinking about it now because I'm so indecisive!