Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Detox Day 1!

Hi everyone! As I mentioned before I'm starting my detox today. I've been feeling pretty crappy lately and have been lazy about meals and snacks and have been eating entirely too much processed food so I decided to do the same 4 week detox that I did when I cut gluten from my diet. It is pretty strict for the first two weeks where I cut all grains and added sugars (even maple syrup and things like that) and basically eat tons of fruit and veggies, some nuts and seeds and beans and limited tofu. The second two weeks I add back grains in moderation and then after the month I add in very limited natural added sugars.

So lets check out the menu for Detox Day 1!

For breakfast I kept it simple and cut up a bosc pear and paired it with a banana.

For a midmorning snack I lightly roasted 1/3 cup of pumpkin seeds that I lightly seasoned with pumpkin pie spice.

For lunch I cooked up a really beautiful, fresh, clean meal. I roasted up a batch of brussels sprouts and served them up with an amazing spaghetti squash dish. I made a fresh grape tomato sauce and it came out so good! I heated some garlic in about a tsp of olive oil and then added some halved grape tomatoes. After they softened I mashed them with a fork. Then I added some spacghetti squash and heated it all the way through and finished it of with some fresh basil. It tasted amazing!

I packed this bento box full of awesomeness to bring to work for dinner tonight. It is going to be veggie overload! I have one huge carrot all cut up, a few grape tomatoes, some hummus, a sliced pickle and some of the roasted veggies (which taste SO GOOD with hummus). This is going to be a really great, filling dinner.

And, I totally forgot to share this with you yesterday!!

This is my spooky Halloween picture but I figured it would work for Day of the Dead too ;)

Enjoy your day everyone!


  1. Pickles are making more frequent appearances in your blog...something you want to tell us?

  2. Proud of you! Keep up the good work!

  3. Eek! Your Halloween picture is freaky! We didn't get any trick-or-treaters. :(

    Your detox meals look yummy, especially the spaghetti squash. Good luck!

  4. The detox grub looks tasty! I must make spaghetti squash soon; it's been ages since I've had it. Roasted veggies and hummus...double yum!

  5. Love the picture!

    Your food looks so healthy, filling & good. I hope you enjoy your dinner!

  6. Good food day! I'm liking the picture too :)

  7. Reminds me that I have a few pears that need eating... Both lunch and dinner are really bright and lovely, very inspired!

    Are you already feeling the effects of a cleaner menu?

  8. Mmm the spaghetti squash looks awesome. I've only ever made it once! Nice job with the food, keep it up.

  9. Whoa now!

    Shen - HAHAHAHA nope, nothing to see here :) just love me a tasty pickle every now and then.

    Thanks Jenny!

    Sage - Thanks, the spaghetti squash dish was SO good and super easy and quick to make. I highly recommend it. We actually had quite a few trick or treaters which is funny because we barely had any last year!

    Rose - Thanks! I always forget how good spaghetti squash is, I'm glad I got it for the detox!

    Molly - Thanks! :) That is my official Halloween pic :) Gotta love the photobooth program on Macs! The meals were so good, the detox started off well.

    Isobelle - Thanks!!

    Ingrid - The pear was so good, I had a weird craving for them so I grabbed then (nope Shen, still not preggers hahahaha). To be honest I'm feeling yucky for a bunch of reasons that I won't get into for fear of TMI but I'm sure you can figure it out so I'm sure I'll feel the effects soon.

    FF - Thanks! I hope that I can keep a nice varied menu going because it'll get boring so fast if I don't. Your post from today was definitely inspiring though!

  10. Your going to inspire me to get back on track with my eating by posting all these super healthy meals! :o)

    Love the spooky pic!

  11. Aww thanks Michelle! I think you totally eat healthy, it's all about balance!