Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 6: Almost Friday!

Hooray, Friday is almost here! It's been a tough few weeks so I'm really looking forward to having the weekend off. It is going to be great. Had a kick ass training session tonight :) Oh, and since there has been a lot of interest in my new apple cider vinegar routine, AND because I have to fast Friday night - Saturday night for a holiday, I'm going to devote an entire post to apple cider vinegar to explain the health benefits I've read about, how I've been feeling since I started, and some interesting discoveries I've made. Sit tight til then!

Now, speaking of apple cider vinegar, that is how I started my day.  This is what followed.

Meal 1 was 1/2 cup granola with almond milk and a few added raisins. I ate it with my bamboo spoon :)

Meal 2 was a tall (major downgrade from the big ass Venti I used to get...for all non Starbucks people I went from a large to a small lol) soy latte and a banana. Starbucks is still cheaping out on the "h" in my name ;)

Meal 3 was about 2/3 of this ginormous salad. I took the photo with my phone (Starbucks one too). QUality isn't too bad! Anyway, the chopped salad has organic greens, cucumber, carrot, sun-dried tomatoes and portabellos.

Meal 4 was some of my Thai Lime & Chili Cashews from Trader Joe's. These are REALLY good and have a bit more spice than I expected but in a very good way! Delicious protein boost before my training session.

I didn't get photos for the rest of my meals but after my training session I had a protein shake then for my last meal I finished the salad topped with 1/2 an avocado. Great food day!

Happy almost Friday everyone!


  1. Happy almost weekend!! And Happy Yom Yippur!! A banana and a soy latte occasionally makes its way into my day as well. Ah, Starbucks. What kind of granola do you like? One of these days I will have to set aside time to make some homemade!

  2. How strict is the fast? Can you only consume liquids?
    Love the flavors of cashews...I may pick some up tomorrow, despite having raw ones in the freezer :)

  3. Friday can't come soon enough! Your cupcake mug is super cute. A tall soy latte is my usual drink at Starbucks. Mmm...

    Isn't the "normal" spelling of Sarah WITH the h? The name looks weird and cut off without the h (OK, that sounded mean--but it's true!). Sorry people keep misspelling your name. :( No one misspells my name, they just think I made it up (it's my real name).

  4. yum! those nuts sound tasty! I love seeing what people eat on a daily basis. Thanks for mofoing!

  5. Ingrid - Thanks!! I haven't had granola in the longest time and then I just found a gluten free vegan granola (Lizi's brand, I posted the package a few days ago) and I am really excited because I missed eating a bowl of cereal every once in a while! I just found a chocolate flavor too! I used to make a homemade one with oats, coconut, sliced almonds, maple syrup and spices. I don't remember the recipe but I bet I could figure it out if I had to!

    FF - THe fast is EXTREMELY strict, no liquids either. No consumption of anything. I moved my training session up so I can eat dinner before sunset. Meals will be a bit heartier tomorrow. Definitely try the cashews! They go a long way, can't eat too many at one time. You like spice so I think you'll like them.

    Sage - Thanks! I love my cupcake mug! I know I love soy lattes but I don't drink them often. I thought the way most people spelled it with an h but I know a lot of people don't. It's all good with the misspelling, definitely not the worst thing that can happen, it is more amusing than anything. I can't believe people think you made up your name!

    B.A.D. - The nuts are great, definitely try them if you have a Trader Joe's near you! Thanks for stopping in! :)

  6. Those Trader Joe's cashews are really tasty and addicting. I've given myself a stomach ache eating so many before :). Maybe I should portion them out, like you! I'm interested to hear about your apple cider vinegar thing. I was drinking it mixed in water for a while a few years ago. Can't remember why I stopped.

  7. Your training is inspiring. Did the bamboo spoon make your food taste better? I'm guessing yes. Plus the cute cup.

  8. Hey, have a great weekend!! I'll be looking forward to the cider vinegar info. :)

  9. Nikki - I know, they are SOOOO good! Yes, I drink 1 tbsp mixed with water twice a day. More details tomorrow :)

    Jenny - Thank you! I can assure you that if my training involved weight machines or other boring stuff I wouldn't be as enthusiastic about it. I wish I had the $$ to train more but I feel like I need to make the most of my workouts when I do have them! Haha I don't know about taste but the spoon sure looks great! ;)

    Rose - Thanks, you too! I'm looking forward to sharing the info!

  10. I love your mug and your spoon AND your salad.

  11. Great snacks and meal sides indeed!