Friday, October 7, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 7: Happy Friday!!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I'm so glad it is the weekend :) And what a great start to a weekend than to see Jenny from Vegan and So Forth is hosting a giveaway! The awesome giveaway is for a generous $40 gift certificate to Pangea! Check it out!

I got out of work nice and early today so now I'm just relaxing until I have to go to the gym. Check out the eats from today. I'm trying to go a bit heartier since I have to fast food or drink of any kind for 24 hours. I don't mind the food, it is the water that is tough for me!

For my first meal I had a GF english muffin with a half of an avocado. Tried to get a different pic of the same meal I've been eating for a while now :)

My second meal was a small coffee and a banana. I figured you guys knew what it looks like!

For lunch I got this amazing plate of food from the deli near the studio I work for. It is rice and beans with stewed green beans and a veggie medley. Check out how much food for $6!! I ate half of this for my lunch/third meal.

Just so you knew just how much was in that tin, this is HALF of it! It was delicious.

I'll probably have a few Thai Lime and Chili cashews before my workout then finish up my lunch for dinner. Yum!

Enjoy your Friday night everyone!


  1. Good luck on your fast. That is a TON of food for only $6! Your pictures always look so yummy.

    Are you wearing OPI Shatter nailpolish?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks! Yes this is the Shatter nailpolish. I know it is so much! The huge salad I got yesterday was only $5.50!

  3. Your lunch looks so good. That's a lot of food for $6....what a great deal!
    Good luck on your fast. I'm with you, the no drinking would be the hard part!
    Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Gee-whizz, that's a lot of food! It looks really good too. Good luck tomorrow, though I'm sure you have done it many times before. :)

  5. What a plate of veg! Great deal! Enjoy your weekend off. :)

  6. Michelle - Thanks! It literally fed me all day. I chugged so much water before sundown :) Have a great weekend!

    Isobelle - I know! Lots of meals from it. Thanks, yes I've fasted every year, not a big deal I'll just be thirsty. Hoping for no caffeine headache!

    Rose - Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  7. That is a giant lunch, but left-overs are great! Yummy day of food :)

  8. I know! The portion was generous to say the least! It was good though because the leftovers solved the dilemma of figuring out a hearty meal for a post-workout/pre-fast meal!

    Ps. I'm typing this reply from MY NEW iPHONE!!!! I have wanted an iPhone since the first one came out and now I finally have it!

  9. If I was near that deli, I would just eat there every day! Why bother going elsewhere?

    Congrats on your new toy!

  10. I know! I go there when I'm too lazy or don't have enough time to cook! The deli I get the salad from is a bit further away but those salads are so worth it. And thanks!! Loving my phone :)