Friday, November 4, 2011

Detox Day 4 is Veggietastic!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I still have to work tomorrow so it isn't quite my weekend yet but it still feels good to know it is right around the corner :)  First, when I got home from work today I was greeted by a package that contained the cookbook and apron that I won from this giveaway hosted by Molly!  Thank you so much Molly, I'm so excited and I know I'll get so much use out of both!

The cleanse is still going well, today is definitely a veggietastic day! I have a bit of a headache that I'm going to try and sleep off before dinner so I decided to post now because I don't know what I'll have for dinner and when that will be. I'm probably going to either have veggie soup or a piece of fruit depending on how I feel.

Sorry about the bad quality of this photo, I took it on my phone. I was going to have a fruit salad for breakfast. I went to grab one from a place by my house that always has nice fruit salads but they decided today they weren't going to put it out :( wah! Instead I just went to work and got some veggies cooked in olive oil and garlic (there was LOTS of garlic, so good!) and a banana. It was totally satisfying so I didn't even miss the fruit salad.

For lunch I had chopped salad with some balsamic vinaigrette.

When I got home from work I ate a handful of almonds as a snack. After I rest for a bit and hopefully get rid of this headache and get my appetite back I'll have dinner. I'm leaning toward the soup to finish the trifecta of vegcentric meals.

Have a great Friday night! I am shooting a Bar Mitzvah tomorrow and will post if I get a chance. If not I'll see you all on Sunday!!


  1. You should sign up to be a Julep Maven! Their polishes are great and retain for $14 each so the $5 is a great deal; you get a bunch of stuff.

    Also, there is a seller on ebay who sells the Kleancolor in groups. I bought 6 and it works out to around $1.85 each including shipping, so super cheap :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you like the giveaway goods. :)

    Your phone takes good pictures! I've really got to get a different one.... Great food, as always. You're doing so well!

  3. Is it just me, or does your 'cleanse' look just like your regular eats?

  4. Sophie - That's awesome I'll have to check it out!

    Molly - No prob, I LOVE them! The pic actually came out really grainy, I put a glow filter over it to try and smooth it out a bit. It has kind of a cool look to it know though. and Thanks!

    Shen - I've been eating a lot of the same meals but I haven't eaten any grains at all. Normally I would have had rice and beans with that veggie dish but I stuck to just veggies today. I'm adding grains back week 3. I also had a tendency of grazing throughout the day too so I'm trying to break that habit and start eating small meals more frequently.

  5. Vegetastic indeed! I'm planning on heading to veggie land tomorrow, as I am craving bagels and bread big time. I need to scrub my palate!

    Take good care of yourself, hope the headache has subsided!

  6. Ingrid - I crave bread and bagels all the time. I'm such a carb lover but unfortunately I have to go without. Thanks for the well wishes, I slept off the headache but I've been getting them more frequently. Just another thing to bring up to the Dr. on Monday.

  7. One thing I'm cant seem to do yet is eat veggies for breakfast. A green smothie is about as far as I can go with that.... Ha.
    I hope your headache went away! :0)

  8. I crave veggies in the morning sometimes. Mostly I like grains or something sweet (like fruit) but once in a while I'll want something savory and veggies are obviously a great way to go :) Thanks!