Sunday, November 6, 2011

Detox Day 6 - A Great Food Day!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I had to work and I came home feeling like crap with a monster headache so I just checked around a few blogs and then just relaxed and watched the (FREE!!!) UFC fights. They are normally PPV but they played em for free on Spike so it was a great night for me after my headache eventually went away :)

Today I woke up at 5:30 am because of the time change so I just bummed around for a bit.  After breakfast I did some low impact cardio for an hour at the gym because I felt gross after not working out for a week. I have a training session tomorrow and I'll probably ask him if we can spend the last five minutes stretching my back and neck because hopefully that will help any discomfort that may come up.

Now lets check out the awesome food I ate today! Today's meals were so yummy.

Breakfast was an apple with almond butter, raisins, cinnamon and I added some coconut today. So delicious.

After the gym I had a banana as my midmorning snack.

For lunch I had a yummy plate of roasted chickpeas, roasted brussels sprouts, a carrot and a pickle.  One pickle left in my container :)

For an afternoon snack I had a HUGE mug of green tea and a few of my thai chili and lime cashews. Sorry no pic!

For dinner I made this yummy plate of spaghetti squash with my new favorite sauce made of grape tomatoes, garlic, a little olive oil and fresh basil. I added in some roasted veggies and sprinkled the top with some nooch. This is definitely a great meal! You can totally tell the difference when I use incandescent light as opposed to natural light in my photos. It was dark by 5:15! All of my dinners are going to be in ugly light so sorry about that!

Did my nails today! I LOVE this color. I'm really into the jewel toned vibrant colors in the fall. This one dried a little more blue than I thought it would but I'm thinking maybe if I put a top coat on maybe that'll help?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Finally have my appointment with the doctor tomorrow so hopefully that'll get the process of figuring out my neck situation going and I'll get this all sorted out soon.

Almost one week into my cleanse. It's getting difficult to do breakfast without grains but just one week left! Does anyone have any grain free breakfast suggestions (other than smoothies and fresh fruit)?


  1. You should try something like the raw cookie dough thing for breakfast, but with raisins and fruit. All it is is mashed up chickpeas with a nut butter, almond milk, agave and vanilla. Except you're not using added sweeteners, right? you could use a mashed banana..
    That might sound gross to you, but chickpeas work really good as a sweet food. And it's filling!

    Oh, and I like the nail polish. I just recently bought some midnight plum nail polish that I really love. I'm more into the dark colours like purple and navy in the colder months :)

  2. That stinks that you had a headache. Doesn't the time change make things so weird? We woke up early today, too, then it started getting dark by 5:00. Ugh. I much prefer natural light for photos, but will have to do like you are for a while.

    The nail polish is cute! I have no suggestions for a grain free breakfast, unfortunately.....

  3. Maybe this sounds strange, but if you're craving something savory for breakfast - you could have soup! Miso soup, specifically! Lots of healthy stuff in there. (Cannot take credit for this, a good friend of mine has soup regularly.)

    I really need to jazz up my apples - these look delicious. What brand of pickles do you purchase? Mine never look this vibrant.

    Sending positive thoughts your way tomorrow, hoping you'll have some answers!

    P.S. I am lately in love with nail polish, too! Essie is my weakness!

  4. I love Isobelle's idea for breakfast! I was going to suggest something like a fruit mousse, but you aren't eating tofu yet either. Unless you want to make it with soaked cashews but that can be kind of heavy.
    Other than that, juices are awesome.
    Your squash dish looks great with all those roasted vegetables in it. I think I might need to pick another squash up!
    I like the nail color too. I'm weird and can't wear nail polish but it always looks so nice on other people.

  5. Isobelle - I love that idea! I know Chocolate Covered Katie has recipes for sweet dips, I bet I can work from one of those and make some sort of cinnamon raisin dip. What a great idea, thanks! I love purple in the fall and winter too, I used to only wear dark colors but I've been trying to brighten it up lately.

    Molly - Natural light is always ideal but winter makes it so hard! Such a bummer but we work with what we have :)

    Ingrid - Mmm miso soup sounds good! I love miso soup. I'll definitely keep it in mind if the savory craving hits! That is actually recommended in The Kind Diet for the SUperhero menu. Actually, I should look back at that book for ideas! Haha thanks for the suggestion! Another way to jazz up apples is to bake them with cinnamon and raisins and walnuts and top with granola for breakfast crumble. Yum! And thanks for the positive thoughts, I appreciate the support!

    FF - Hmmm fruit mousse sounds good. I'm not avoiding tofu for the cleanse I'm just trying to cut my soy consumption in general. I'm trying to limit it to twice a week so this could work! Your squash dish looked great as well! You should totally get another one so I can see what other yummy combinations you cook up :)

  6. Love all the eats today! Lots of good sustenance there. What kind of pickles do you buy?

    Nail polish is pretty; I'm sure it suits you!!

  7. It looks good! I might be a weirdo, but I love eating left overs from dinner for breakfast - normal food that is. It's definitely not everyone´s cup of tea but if you like it it's easy to get rid of the grains.

  8. Wow, look at all that yummy food! You know I'm all about smoothies for breakfast, so I don't have any suggestions for you...sorry. I'll probably still be drinking smoothies this winter A smoothie in one hand and hot tea in the other. :o) I do like Isobelle's idea though!
    You're doing so good on your cleanse!
    Love that finger nail polish!

  9. Tofu scrambler with beans and a veggie like tomatoes or bell pepper.

    Cute nail polish. I never paint my nails anymore, but I think I need to start doing it again because it makes me feel better.

  10. Rose - Thanks! I get my pickles from the barrel in a store near me. I don't get prepackaged jars because I don't eat pickles often enough to finish a whole one so I just buy a few here and there when I'm in the mood. I only like the half sours though. And thanks, I love this color!! :)

    Fanny - I have done this myself at times, you are definitely not a weirdo! I've made a rice porridge with leftovers that is AMAZING! I'm just doing 2 weeks no grains and it really makes breakfast difficult!

    Michelle - Thanks! I know you love your smoothies and if I made smoothies as lovely as yours I'm sure I would be too :) I'm a fan of Isobelle's idea, I'm totally going to try it soon!

    Jenny - I know, I've been thinking about a tofu scramble, I just haven't made it yet! I don't know what I'm waiting for...I guess I just have to be in the mood. Thanks for the suggestion! And I don't change my nails nearly enough but I always feel refreshed when I do.

  11. I second Jenny's suggestion on the Tofu Scramble.

    Nice nails. That is a really pretty color.

  12. Thanks Shen! And I agree, I'm going to have to bust out a tofu scramble soon. Maybe this weekend :)