Monday, November 7, 2011

Detox Day 7 - One week down!

Good evening everyone! Today was a busy day so I only was able to photograph a few of my meals but I figured it was better than none! I went to my new Dr. today to get checked out and thankfully she is a total sweetheart! I got really lucky that I just randomly found her because she is great. She agreed with everyone that the problem is probably pinched nerves...she thinks there are multiple give the areas of discomfort. I'm just glad that we figured out the problem...and possibly pinpointed what is aggravating it...and it isn't my training. Although the training doesn't help it I'm sure. Oh well. I guess I just need to lay low with the punching for a bit but I'm back at the gym training away and picking up some cardio. I'm hoping to start doing more yoga at home to stretch everything out.

So now that this chapter is closed for now, lets check out some food!

For breakfast I made a smoothie of frozen banana, 2 dates, almond milk, a little almond butter and some cinnamon. Very delicious!

Midmorning I had an apple for snack and it was perfect because I was craving something sweet big time!

I didn't get a photo of lunch but I had a big ol' bowl of veggie soup and it was really really good.

For dinner I had some sesame tofu with roasted brussels sprouts and a few grapes. I've been craving grapes like crazy and I finally picked some up. I love how I start to crave fruits and veggies when I eat clean like this :)

I've heard that frozen grapes make a yummy snack so I popped a few in the freezer to see how that works out. I'll let you know when I try them.

Hope you all have a good night! I'll be back tomorrow :)


  1. It's nice to have a doctor who seems to care and is helpful! I hope the nerve gets better.
    The smoothie looks really good. When I put dates in mine they never blend up very well but they taste really good.

  2. Frozen grapes are really good - I love them in the summer. The tofu looks great, too - how do you prepare it?

    Hooray for the banana date smoothie! I will be making one this week at some point. Then again, maybe later - I did pick up some canned pumpkin that begs to be had.

    I'm so glad that you had a great appointment, and what a relief that you'll be able to treat it yourself!

  3. I just came in on this coversation ;) So I gather you are detoxing and cleansing to feel better. Terrific. Pinch nerves are no fun. I just know you are going to feel better soon. How can you not with all this beautiful food? Sending you healing thoughts.

  4. Congrats for getting through a week of detox! You're inspiring me to get into gear and do one myself.
    I love frozen grapes, I hope you do too. Frozen banana and mango are wonderful too- and apple! (yeah I'm a frozen fruit junkie- the Australian summers would kill me without it) just remember to peel/core & chop them before you freeze them- I nearly amputated a finger trying to cut the peel off a frozen banana haha
    Hope you're arm's better soon- I know how annoying it can be, I have a similar problem and found that I aggravate it in my sleep so you might want to see if that could help?
    All the best xxx

  5. I think you'll love the frozen grapes. They're so good! I bought some red grapes this weekend, too. Haven't had them forever.

    A pinched nerve sucks. Hopefully they can do something for you. Chronic pain wears you down after a while. :(

  6. the smoothie looks delicious! i also love the feeling when you've been eating better && then you start to want things like apples, oranges, or other veggies! it's great!

    frozen grapes are pretty great! my brother introduced them to me awhile back.

  7. FF - I know I was so relieved!! You can't really do anything to heal a pinched nerve, it is just a matter of trying to keep it from flaring up. My dates didn't blend up well either but it's so good and a great natural sweetener. If only a vitamix didn't cost a small fortune!

    Ingrid - I can't wait to try the grapes! I bet you could just add the pumpkin into the banana date shake and it'll be amazing!! ANd thank you for all of the kind thoughts, hopefully I can figure out a way to keep these nerves in check :)

    Gigi - Welcome! Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and words :)

    Claire - Thanks! I feel a lot better! My cleanse is really long but I bet you can do it for less time and still feel great. I was thinking that the way I sleep can aggravate it too! I tend to wake up all twisted up so I bet that is a problem. How do you sleep? Has anyone ever told you what the best way to sleep is? Please let me know if you have any advice!

    Molly - Thanks so much, yeah this problem is getting pretty annoying...especially because it is no affecting my work and my workouts. My shoulder fatigues really quickly in the gym and I used to have great stamina so it is really upsetting.

    kimberly - Thanks!! I know I love when I crave healthy foods! I'm at the point where I am craving fruit instead of sweets and I'm very happy about that. Now I have to try the grapes today because everyone has spoken so highly about them!

  8. Your dinner looks simply perfect - I love roasted brussels loads :)

  9. I'm so glad you found a good doctor!
    Look and you and your smoothie...yum! Now all you need to do is to add a handful of spinach to it and you'll be set....hehe :o)
    I finally made roasted brussels last night too, and they were good. I can't believe I've never tried them roasted until now.

  10. Why is everyone saying the Smoothie looks delicious? I can barely see it!

  11. Alissa - Thanks! I don't know why they have such a bad reputation, they are delicious! I'll take them over french fries any day!

    Michelle - Thanks! The smoothie was good and yeah I'm going to start adding small quantities of greens to start :) That's awesome that you liked the sprouts, roasted is the way to go! I'm going to make them with caramelized onions for delicious!

    Shen - HAHA I know, it was a little smoothie in a large cup. I realized it when it was too late :X