Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Detox Day 8 - Feeling Great!

Good afternoon everyone :) I'm on my 8th day of my cleanse and I feel really good. I woke up and dragged my butt out of bed for 30 minutes of cardio at the gym. I have been feeling really lazy lately. I used to go to the gym 6 days a week and I'm definitely trying to get back into that habit. I also decided I need to do yoga after my training sessions to get some deeper stretching to try and counter any aggravation to the nerves I may experience during my training.

I'm eating some great food today. Let's take a lookie look.

I found these Almond Date Rolls in Whole Foods last night. I contemplated it for a minute and decided to splurge on them (they were $5). They are basically a date paste formed into the shape of a whole date and rolled in chopped almonds.

I couldn't wait to try them so I had one with a honeycrisp apple for breakfast.  Then I had a brilliant idea...

...to put the paste on the apple. So. Good. Best. Idea. Ever.

For lunch I had some veggie soup. Not homemade :( but still delicious!

For dinner I'm bringing this assortment of goodies. The rest of my sesame tofu from yesterday (I got it from the prepared section at WF's...someone asked how I made it, I forgot to answer!), my last pickle, some baby carrots and some steamed broccoli topped with a little garlic powder and nooch. This is gonna be a great dinner.

I'll probably finish out the day with some almonds or a few frozen grapes. I tried one before and it was interesting! I have to get used to the texture but it was very good and will certainly slow down the snacking process! ;)

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I want to start doing yoga, and the sad thing is that I have 3 great dvd's at home and still don't do it. ha
    I saw those dates at Whole Foods Friday and was just about to put them in the buggy when someone had to say "You're going to pay that for those?"....ha Needless to say I put them back. Now I wish I would have gotten them anyway. :o) Looks good on the honey crisp apple!
    That soup and your dinner looks good as well.
    I've tried frozen grapes before, but I didn't care for them too much. I'm glad you like them though. :o)

  2. I want to find some almond date rolls! They sound perfect on a honey crisp apple. We might just have to go to Whole Foods this weekend. I haven't been there in months and our co-op doesn't have as much variety.

  3. Love it! What is your favorite kind of cardio? I absolutely know how much of a challenge it is to get to 6 days a week - every week I try, one of these it'll actually happen.

    Cute soup bowl / container!

  4. Michelle - You know, it seems like a lot of money but when you think about it, dates and almonds are both expensive. And my dates never puree into this nice pasty consistency so when you think about it that way, for me, it is worth the money. It was really good on the apple!

    Molly - They are SO GOOD. Definitely make the trip! Find some new things to try :)

    Ingrid - When I do cardio I typically use one of the machines. I've been using the arc trainer lately. I try and do non-impact cardio because impact apparently can aggravate the pinched nerve. I'm making Weds my day off from now on :) And thanks!! The handle is great for very hot soups :)

  5. Glad to hear you're feeling good! Everything looks yummy; love the idea of dates and nuts on apple, and frozen grapes are one of my favorites...haven't had any in ages though!! We used to eat them with popcorn when we were kids.

  6. I agree, the dinner looks great! The soup also looks nice. I was craving some soup recently but then all of a sudden it's 70 degrees??!

  7. I bought some date rolls today too. I debated on getting the almond one's or the coconut, but I opted for the coconut. Mine only cost 3 bucks :)

    I'm glad to hear you did yoga. It's really great!
    I found this Jillian Michael's exercise dvd in our living room today and decided to try it out before I went running, since I'm working on my speed right now. It was the high intensity interval training stuff. I laughed during most of it - mostly at myself for actually following an exercise dvd (I've never done that) - but it was really cool. She has these ab workouts that are intense.

    Also, frozen grapes are my favourite way to eat them.

  8. Great job with the cleanse! I've seen those dates and always wondered about how good they were! I've also never tried frozen grapes but good idea:)

  9. Yum! Those dates look so good, and what a great idea to spread it on an apple. I've never seen those in the Whole Foods here before, but I have tried the ones The Jewel Date Co. makes with coconut. They are awesome!

  10. Rose - Thanks! I'm actually eating some frozen grapes now :) I would never think to pair them with popcorn though!

    FF -Thanks! I know, the weather has been nutty but I was still in the mood for soup!

    Isobelle - oooh sweet deal, I'm jealous :) I debated between the almond and coconut but decided to go for the almond. I'll show you why tomorrow probably. I used to do a lot of yoga but the Bikram yoga I did is really expensive so I had to stop and the instructor who taught yoga at my gym left and they never got a new one so I stopped involuntarily. Gotta take it in my own hands now!

    Carissa - Thanks! The dates are really good. They are a great sweet but heathy snack. Definitely try the frozen grapes. The first one was strange but now I'm addicted!

    Melissa - The dates are usually by the produce section at WHole Foods. Next time I'll have to try the coconut :)

    Shen - ? I'm a little rusty with my Yiddish

  11. Glad things are going well and that you are feeling well. You inspire us!

  12. Thanks Jenny! I'm inspired by all of you!