Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Cyber Monday?

Hey all! So, I tried to find the cyber Monday deals but I lost patience early on and decided to ditch the effort. It's all good, I am still going to be able to avoid stores for the season I think so that will be a victory in itself! I just need to stop shopping for myself and start shopping for others! :X I may (definitely) have ordered The Happy Herbivore Cookbook from Amazon today while ordering another gift. I think I have a vegan cookbook addiction.

Had a great training session today. I can definitely feel the improvement in my technique and form which makes me happy!

Check out the grub so far.

For breakfast I indulged my clementine addiction and peeled up 4 :X Then I had a banana as a midmorning snack with a small coffee.

I get out of work early on Mondays so I made this amazing lunch when I got home. It is a brown rice (GF) tortilla from Trader Joes' with 1/2 cup fat free spicy refried beans spread over half and folded over. I toasted it all up on a pan and then topped with 1/2 of a mashed avocado and some diced tomato. So delicious and comforting and a fairly healthy version of this dish. It was inspired by Shen's tostadas!

I had a protein shake after the gym so I'm working up to dinner. I think I'll just have some Sesame Tofu I picked up from Whole Foods yesterday with some leftover roasted brussels sprouts.

Hope you all had a good Monday! Have a good night!


  1. I just ordered the new Happy Herbivore cookbook yesterday. If it's as good as the first one, we'll be making a lot from it!

    Your lunch looks so good. Refried beans & avocado are one of my favorite combos.

  2. Your little tostada looks delicious! I was a little naughty buying pressies for myself over the weekend. I'm hoping to make some homemade gifts for family...must start planning! :)

  3. The HH cookbook is on my Christmas wish-list (as is Veganomicon - I can't believe I don't have it!). Amazon is a scary place for a book lover like myself!

    I'm with the rest of the bunch - those are excellent looking tostadas.

  4. Oh man! Awesome tostada's Sarah! I would love to have had that for lunch today. I was stuck with an apple!
    I've been thinking about getting that Happy Herbivore book but I tend to buy vegan cookbooks and only flip through them once. I need to make some things out of the books I already have. Soon.

  5. That looks really good! I love clementines.

  6. Molly - I've been eyeing the Happy Herbivore Cookbook for a while now! I got the first one and it seems like you like it so I'm excited to go through it and make some yummy new stuff! My lunch was SO GOOD.

    Rose - Thanks! I wish my family would be ok with homemade but probably not lol. I'm keeping it simple this year though. And in all fairness my gifts to myself have come to a grand total of $14 so I don't feel too terrible ;)

    Ingrid - I know, Amazon is amazing! I'm probably going to start a wish list there too. I want SOOOO many books.

    Isobelle - Thanks! Boo! Apples are tasty but sometimes they just don't cut it. Well when you are so awesome at making up your OWN delicious recipes, who needs cookbooks ;)

    Fanny - Thanks! I'm on a total clementine kick! I tend to have seasonal fruit addictions ha! I remember having a bit of a cherry problem a few months ago...and watermelon over the summer. I guess I could crave worse things though!

  7. I didn't find any cyber Monday deals either, but I sorta ordered Happy Herbivores new cookbook also along with an emersion blender that I've been wanting...ha I guess I did a little shopping for myself too. :o) I have a cookbook addiction too. I only have about 15 in my Amazon wish list...ha

    Your lunch looks amazing!

  8. I'm two days behind. Putting the Guac & Tomatoes on the folded over Tortilla is brilliant! (Would be even better with Shredded Lettuce & Salsa on top, I'm pretty sure).

  9. Michelle - I feel like the Happy Herbivore book is entering a lot of kitchens because I just received the copy I ordered as well! There are so many more that I want! And thanks!

    Shen - I agree 100% that shredded lettuce and salsa would make it even better! I'll have to keep it in mind for next time! Thanks for the inspiration for this meal!