Friday, December 2, 2011

Fun With Instagram!

Happy Friday everyone!! Blah blah blah went to work blah blah went to the gym for cardio blah blah. Nothing exciting happening here.

When I got my iPhone I downloaded Instagram because I heard it was a great photo sharing app. I have had my phone since Septemberish and hadn't touched the app. I had to take cell phone pics of my meals so far so i decided to play with Instagram and put some cool effects on my not so exciting photos :)

Check it!

I grabbed my breakfast on the go to eat at work courtesy of Starbucks. A soy latte (with a properly spelled name, the guy actually asked "h or no h!") and I just got a plain oatmeal and added my own raisins and walnuts. It was good and a great healthy breakfast option on the go. I love this effect, the desaturation and grain look really cool on this photo!

Lunch was a chopped salad. My keyboard at work is getting a lot of presence in this post today because I eat at my desk. I work in a small studio. This has a cool blur on it.

So far I like the way the Instagram effects look! I figured that since Delilah is such a hit I'd play with one of her adorable photos from Halloween!

I wish there was a way to take the effect off of her face but oh well. I still think it's cute.

Ok, that's all lol. Happy Friday and I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. You're making me want an iPhone even more! What a cool thing to have on it!

    I eat at my desk, too, but I'm not allowed to take pictures at work.

    Delilah is such a cutie!

  2. Haha, I like the salad shot. It's like you're eating in a tilt a whirl! Although...that might not be the best (or easiest) idea.
    Cute that the guy at Starbucks asked how to spell your name - my cups always say "Molly" because I mumble, ha!

  3. Molly - THis app is really fun to experiment with! I bet you'll get lots of cool shots of your girls with these effects. I guess my work is techinically to take pics so it's not a big deal? ;) I'm kidding. I was alone at the studio this morning so I snapped a few phone pics to pop on here.

    FF - Lol I feel like that would be a fun eating challenge! Haha Molly! That's pretty awesome. It was nice to have that h today :)

  4. this is my favourite app along with the partner app picfx. Can't get bored of it!

  5. Smart idea on bringing your own raisins and walnuts for the oatmeal. As usual, your salad looks really vibrant and healthy!

    Pictures on the sly at work - that's what I did on Thursday! I love the effect created by Instagram, and Delilah is so expressive, I can only imagine what she's thinking!

  6. I'm seriously thinking of adopting Delilah's hairstyle. I know it would be a disastrous career move, but I have a statement to make.

  7. Brittany - I know they are both so fun! I need to start taking more pics on my phone so I can play a bit more!

    Ingrid - Thanks! The salad was good :) I love when I crave veggies, makes me feel good!

    Shen - I think you should totally do it. Although i may have to insist that you post a pic of it!! ;)

  8. I'm going to have to check out instagram. I've been looking for an iPhone app for pictures. I love how they turned out.
    Delilah is so adorable! :0)

  9. Cool photos, I want to try Instagram, is it an expensive application? I have an iPhone 3...

    ciao and thank you


  10. Michelle - It is a very cool app! Great for photo sharing too!

    Alessandra - Instagram is a free app! I have the iPhone 4 but I don't think the model makes a difference? Just search it in the app store, it should be free :)