Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hey everyone! It got COLD today. I'm such a baby about the cold so I'm not too happy about the temperature change but I'll just have to suck it up. Had another great workout that got me sweating though so that was some brief relief from the cold.

Some not super exciting meals today...

Breakfast was 1/3 cup of granola with a banana and some almond milk. It was so good!

For lunch I had a random dish of things I was craving. Some stuffed grape leaves, the last of my roasted brussels sprouts, two clementines and a few blackberries. Random but good.

After my workout I was actually really hungry for once (usually I don't have an appetite after a workout) so I made a tostada like I had the other night...but totally forgot to photograph it because I wanted to eat it. It was super delicious. I love the fat free spicy refried beans.

I'll probably have some frozen grapes after I warm up a bit. Overall a very yummy day!

Yay for Friday!


  1. Your fruit looks so beautiful. I love blackberries but I can't buy them in the winter, they're so pricey. I DID however totally eat two clementines today. Mm!

  2. Gotta tell you, for some reason, I was thinking about little Delilah today. She is such a delight. Thanks for sharing her cuteness with us.

  3. Yay for Friday, indeed! I am very ready for the weekend!

    Sounds like a great day (despite the cold!). I noticed my cravings for hot food have increased during the winter months. Maybe it's time to bring back the baked pumpkin pie oatmeal?!

  4. It got pretty cold here, too. The wind has been nasty! I've been keeping the space heater on in my office almost constantly.

    You had a really good food day. Everything is so healthy!

  5. I'm going to make this quick because I'm so cold my hands are shaking! For some reason my room is freezing right now and I'm going to grab another sweatshirt and get back under the covers!

    FF - Thanks! The only reason I got blackberries is because I found them on sale. They are really good too! Yay for clementines, they are so delicious!

    Shen - Aww! I'm taking holiday pics this weekend so I'll post some when I can! SHe is the best, so much personality!

    Ingrid - I agree that hot foods will have to come back into heavy rotation. I'm shaking right now I'm so cold! I don't know why I can't handle it but I have been extremely sensitive to it over the past few years! Mmm baked oatmeal sounds so good right now!

    Molly - We have a space heater in the office too. I usually end up wearing a hat, gloves, scarf and winter coat and have the space heater blasting on me, and I'm typically still cold! My boss and co-worker are both always hot so it kind of stinks for me when they ask me to turn off the heater :( ANd thanks, everything was so yummy!

  6. Lunch looks great! I definitely did not eat enough blackberries this summer! They are so calling my name right now.

    I know what you mean about the cold, but doesn't if feel so good in contrast when you finally get warmed up? It's almost worth freezing a little for the pleasure of feeling warm again. lol.

  7. Thanks Rose! Blackberries are so good! It does feel good when I get warm and I love snuggling up under my blanket with some tea. It is just brutal when I'm not at home snuggled up, lol!