Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Soooooo today definitely did not go as planned. First, I'm actually glad I went out last night because it lifted my spirits a little. It was nice to see my friend, we've been good friends since high school, went to college together and have remained close. She moved to Rhode Island a few years ago but still comes to New York once a month or once every other month and we always make sure to meet up and catch up. She definitely cheered me up so it was really nice. Oh, and I had the most Ah-MAY-ZING tea! It was labelled "raw" and I tried to ask how it was raw because it was brewed and I got no answer but it doesn't matter. It was an orange carrot rooibos tea and it was so phenomenal I spent big bucks to get a small bag of the loose tea. Can't wait to make it myself!

The shit storm (pardon my language...I'm actually quite a potty mouth but try to conceal it here) continued today. I was supposed to go to the wineries out east with my brother, sister in law and some friends for my sis-in-law's bday but this morning my mom asked me to take her to the ER. She's ok, just wanted to get checked out for something and didn't want to wait until Tuesday to see a doctor. On the plus side, we were both stoked about her hot doctor who I nicknamed "Dr. Hottiepants." Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to pass the time. We were the for over 3 hours (which is actually short because there was no wait to get in!). I'm glad that we went because it gave her some peace of mind and hopefully she'll be able to rest and feel better now.

After we left I took my mom home so she could rest, picked up her prescriptions and ran some of my own errands. I finally got home around 3pm and finally had a chance to relax. Since today has been so crazy my food has been kind of blah but I'm definitely planning on getting back on track with the green smoothies and small meals every few hours tomorrow.

For breakfast I made a quick slice of gf millet toast with mashed avocado, sea salt and pepper before I had to run out .

After my errands I had some delicious items I picked up from the prepared section at Whole Foods. The far item is the golden sesame tofu and this vibrant green salad is "avocado and sprouted mung beans." The avocado is actually in the vinaigrette and the salad is made of mustard greens, sprouted mung beans, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots and avocado vinaigrette. It was so delicious and had a nice kick to it.

I'm incredibly tired right now and I have a bit of a headache so I imagine I'll make a cup of tea later. My appetite has been pretty low since lunch so I'm not anticipating anything interesting for dinner. If I happen to randomly be inspired I'll take a pic and post it tomorrow. I don't really see that happening.

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend! Back to the grind tomorrow. Wah!


  1. I love rooibos teas - carrot orange sounds really fantastic. I think the "raw tea" designation just means that the leaves were sun-dried or something below 115*, rather than being heated. They're less oxidized and (I assume) all the more delicate. That really sound delicious.
    The mustard green salad also looks so good! I've never had mustard greens but I bet they have a nice kick and that the avocado was perfect with it. Wow.
    Anyway, sorry to hear you had less time to chill than you thought you would but things sound a little calmer. Glad yr mom's alright. (And for the record - I try to tone down my language for the blog for the most part too but I'm kind of over that, haha.)

    1. I can tell you I'm not one to get really stoked about tea, but this tea was so good I spent A LOT of money on it. It smells phenomenal and the color is gorgeous.

      The salad was great! It definitely had a kick, the greens were a bit tougher than I'm used to but still doable. Whole Foods definitely got it right with this one!

      Thanks, things are calmer and I do feel a bit better. Thanks, my mom is ok, although bummed I mentioned her visit to the ER and Dr. Hottiepants on here. :) I think I'm over toning down the language too... it's just another part of me!

  2. I'm a potty mouth, too. The F word is used pretty loosely in our house.... :o

    I chuckled when reading about Dr. Hottiepants. lol At least there was a positive side to the Dr. visit other than your mom being okay (which is a huge positive!).

    Sesame tofu sounds really yummy. I hope you have a great week!

    1. That's so funny that everyone seems to have a potty mouth, yet we all have such restraint in our blogs! Our posts would be more colorful if we actually typed the way we spoke ;)

      We laughed a lot when I called him Dr. Hottiepants. I was partially making a joke to ease her anxiety and partially serious ;) Obviously my mom being fine is the major win of the situation, but cute boys are an added bonus!

  3. That salad looks so awesome!! I want some right now!

    Glad to hear your mum's ok..always better to have peace of mind rather than wait and worry. Your Mr Hottiepants reminds of one time when my mom was feeling poorly late at night, (turned out to be a panic attack) but we called 911 and a firetruck came...I guess they were the first ones able to respond. Pretty soon my mum's bedroom was full with three gorgeous firefighters, being really nice and helping my mum. We joked after that she just did it to get the firefighters into her lair! :D

    BTW I have a total potty mouth too! I think I picked it up primarily from working in bakeries and kitchens...people are pretty real ya know...and it's usually a good craich. I find that it's pretty easy to change registers; when I'm around people who curse, I curse like a bandit. When I'm around more refined folk, I find it easy to tone it down without really thinking about it.

    Hope you have a nice evening! The weekends always go by so fast ...but what, no President's Day off for you? Bummer.

    1. The salad was amazing!

      Thanks, my mom is doing well. I agree, it is always better just to get checked out than to chance it. I'm a major hypochondriac anyway, I always think I'm dying so I am definitely all about getting checked. That is scary for your mom, I know how scary anxiety attacks are, but really funny (and awesome) about the firefighters! Note to self... haha just kidding!

      I tone it down too for the most part but sometimes it slips out :X Mostly with my close friends and at the gym... oops! I love that everyone has a potty mouth too!

      Thanks! Nope, no day off, especially now that we are so far behind. It should be quiet though and hopefully it goes quickly!

  4. Hopefully the sh*t storm has passed and sunny skies are in the forecast this week! Glad you got a little break and spent some time having fun last night. The tea sounds good. I love trying new tea flavors.

    Also glad your mom is ok. Still no fun having to go to the ER. Lucky you didn't have to wait and had some nice scenery while you were there :)

    1. Thanks Nikki! Saturday night was definitely the hilight of my week. I've been craving that tea al the time since then!

      Thanks, she'll be ok :) She just wanted to double check. I agree, we are lucky there was no wait and the scenery was indeed quite distracting ;)

  5. I hope your mom is feeling better. Are things improving for you this week?

    Go ahead and swear on your blog. We can take it! I rarely swear in real life because it just sounds silly coming from me.

    1. Thanks Sage! My mood is still pretty blah but nothing bad has happened this week which is good.

      Haha it comes out once in a while, I'll make sure not to edit it :) I don't think I could ever imagine you cursing in real life at all! ALthough it would be funny if you talk like a truck driver on April fools day ;)

  6. I wrote this super long comment yesterday from my phone, and my phone (not blogger) refused to let me post it! Grrrr.

    Anyhoo, I swear like a sailor when driving. :)

    I totally understand better to be safe rather than sorry in terms of the ER, glad everything is going to be okay! If only Dr. Hottiepants wanted to bring you a deli lunch! ;)

    P.S. Hoping these six day work weeks don't last long!

    1. Boo for you phone!! That has happened to me too where I spend all this time on a comment on my phone and it decides to be bitchy and not publish it. Oh technology, you take me on a roller coaster ride.

      OMG I swear I could have a reality show of me driving. I get REALLY foul in the car AND when I'm not cursing people out (I mean really I live on Long Island, it's inevitable) I'm totally rocking out to songs that just make me look silly. Think the opening scene of Office Space. it's a sight for sure LOL!

      Haha, Dr. Hottiepants needed to bring no lunch. He won me over just by being hot. I'm pretty sure my mom was planning our wedding in her head :)

      Thank you, I hope so too!

  7. How can I be three posts behind already?! I'm glad your Mom is doing well.