Friday, March 9, 2012

Fabulous Friday :)

Hi everyone! We made it through another week :) As I mentioned before I have a baby shower tomorrow so I am not going to work. I have a full weekend off for the first time in a while! And to make it even better  I have a training session in the morning so it'll be a great way to kick off the weekend.

I put the gift together for the baby shower this evening and I'm really happy with how it came out. I love putting together super cute gift baskets so that is what I decided to do. I scanned the registry and saw a baby food cookbook and thought that would be a perfect jump off point. From there I decided to get a bunch of items from the "feeding" section of the registry and put it together. I used a super cute storage container that I got from Target as the "basket" so it'll be functional as well. Check out the completed basket!

Cute huh? ;)

So now let's move on to the grub. Some good stuff today!

First, I couldn't in good conscience eat this lovely burrito bowl from Chipotle without showing you! This was my dinner from last night. Incredibly filling and delicious!

Breakfast was a new green smoothie combo. I'm calling it my Berries 'n Cream Smoothie. Check it.

Berries 'n Cream Smoothie

1/3 cup frozen blueberries
3/4 cup frozen strawberries
1 1/4 cups almond milk (or preferred plant milk)
1 serving Vega Vanilla Almondilla Shake n Go Smoothie powder
2-3 cups packed spinach

Blend and enjoy!

Late morning snack was a delicious organic honeycrisp apple. Left the label on for good measure :)

Lunch was a standard chopped salad.

Dinner is an amazing quesadilla. The same as the other day minus the tomato on top. Lots of spinach :)

So it is fairly common that I'm covered in bruises from training. I'm used to it but sometimes I'll get one that even impresses me ha! I got a pretty good one on Monday.

That's from an elbow. It's a beauty huh? ;)

I hope that you all ended off your week/started your weekend on a good note! I'm in pretty high spirits and I'm hoping that I'll have a good balance of being active and working out and just relaxing and taking a few moments to myself. I hope that you all enjoy your weekend! I'm definitely going to be starting off well by watching the 2 1/2 hour season premiere of The Ultimate Fighter. This season is cool because all of the fights are live AND because the two coaches legitimately hate each other. That'll be entertaining :)

Have a great night!


  1. Funny you have off tomorrow when you normally work because I have to work! I haven't had to work a weekend for a very, very long time. I hope you enjoy both days off!

    The baby basket looks great! It is fun to put that stuff together. :)

    You and SV have me jealous with the Chipotle lately. I have yet to eat there! Someday.

    That's quite a bruise! Ouch! I can just imagine how it feels, too. Elbow blows have to be pretty rough.

    Enjoy Ultimate Fighter and your fun weekend!

    1. Oh no! I hope your work day goes quickly and smoothly!

      It really is fun to put baskets together. For a while in high school I wanted to start a gift basket business. I have so much fun choosing items and making them :) It allows for a lot of creativity!

      You definitely need to find a Chipotle. It is so good and has a lot of vegan options.

      The bruise doesn't hurt now. It definitely stung on impact but looks worse than it feels now. Elbows are the worst, especially when they are sharp and bony.

      Thanks, enjoy your weekend too!

  2. Now that's a bruise! haha Looking forward to TUF tonight!

    1. Haha yeah this is one to be proud of :) 2 submissions so far! That last one was a vicious punch but possibly stopped a bit early. Have to see it again to tell.

  3. So happy for you that you finally get a weekend off. Have fun at the baby shower. I have the same basket from Target! The bright colors make me smile.

    Thanks for the vegan meal tips on Twitter. My trainer is disappointed in my online food log (soy ice cream, tons of pasta) so I really have to start planning my meals instead of winging it. I see a veggie stir fry in my future.

    Have you started a photo album of "Most Intense Bruises"? :)

    1. Thanks! It isn't even noon yet and I'm already thoroughly luxuriating in the freedom of the weekend!

      No problem, I'll email you with other meals when I think of them. That was just off the top of my head :)

      I should start an album of my bruises :) It's all par for the course in this training but sometimes they just need to be shared ha!

  4. The basket looks great all put together like that. It's sort of fun to make a collection-type gift. The bibs in there are so cute, too!
    All the food looks awesome too, especially the quesadillas.

    1. Thanks! I had fun putting it together!

      The quesadilla was SOOOOO good!

  5. You definitely have a gift for gifting. I'm sure the Mom-to-be loved it!

    1. Aww thank you :) i have fun picking things out and being creative with it!

  6. "Berry Cute" indeed! What a fabulous gift basket, I'm sure the recipient of this cuteness loves it!

    Good looking salad and quesadilla! I don't have any vanilla flavored protein powder, but I do like to berry combo.

    Workout wounds, oh my! I bet your adrenaline was going at the time, and you probably didn't even realize there would be a bruise!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

    1. Thanks Ingrid! The quesadilla was by far the best meal. So delicious. The vanilla protein powder is really versatile and makes things taste really creamy. It has made all the difference in the past few smoothies I've made. I've also come to realize my love of frozen blueberries in my smoothies. I'll have to stock up tomorrow!

      Oh trust me I felt that. I don't stop or anything I just acknowledge it in my head and move on. They are little badges of honor I guess.

      Thanks hope your weekend is going well! I plan on resting tonight and tomorrow!

  7. That is too cute!!!
    & I have had some awesome bruises/injuries in my time. I actually started taking photos of them- I think the funniest one was in the perfect shape of the dumbbell I had dropped on my thigh. Ice up! xxx

    1. Thanks!! Battle wounds are always a fine time. Yikes, that sounds like it hurts!! Mine is healing slowly but it's getting there :) That happened on Monday so it will be a week tomorrow and it is still pretty dark ha!

  8. That's such a cute basket! The apple looks delicious. Pink Ladies are my favorite but Honeycrisps are a close second. Do you always buy organic fruit/veg? I've just started -- I am at least going to try to buy the "dirty dozen" organic.

    1. Thanks Sara! I love Pink Ladies too but they aren't always available in my Whole Foods. The are both tasty varieties :)

      I try my best to buy organic produce. I always buy organic of the dirty dozen. I always buy organic frozen fruit as well. I'm slowly trying to convert over to all organic but sometimes it just isn't available. I do the best I can though.