Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Fun Day!

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend ended off on a good note :) Today was a pretty good day. I didn't sleep too well last night... for some reason I woke up at 4:30 am and had trouble falling back asleep so I was up until 7 am. I woke up again at 8:30 and at that point I just got myself together for the day and made my trip to Whole Foods. I got there later than I would have liked so I had to deal with more idiots than usual on a Sunday morning but I got what I needed. Check out the haul!

Vega performance protein backup, strawberries, Daiya cheddar (for Kris Carr approved veggie quesadillas!), Rice flour gluten free crackers, 2 containers of stuffed grape leaves, frozen strawberries and 2 bags frozen blueberries, packets of hemp hearts (I won't pay $12 for a bag but I'll pay $1.50 for a packet!  That way I won't be stuck with a ton of seeds I may not use), carrots, honeycrisp apples, avocado and a cranberry orange Pure Bar.

After Whole Foods I dragged my ass to the gym and did 30 minutes of cardio. After that I did some laundry and then spent the rest of the day relaxing. It felt so good!

This is I guess my "brunch" since I didn't eat until noon. I know that is bad but I was running around and just not hungry until after the gym. I had a snacky plate with a cut up carrot, some tomato, stuffed grape leaves, hummus and some of those gf rice crackers. They have a cardboard texture and pretty much no taste which is kind of exactly what I like :X Good meal all around.

I snacked on some grapes for an afternoon snack. No pic, sorry!

So the best part of this picture is that I took it at 6:45 pm using natural light! I love springing ahead ;) I had some of my thai leftovers tonight. I reheated it by sauteing it dry to try and get rid of some of the greasiness. I also threw in a big handful of spinach to try and get some more fresh veggies in there. It was a little better tonight, not quite as greasy but the tofu and eggplant still were pretty greasy since it all got soaked in. One more serving left.

If I get hungry later I'll probably air pop some popcorn. It's becoming a new favorite snack! I usually just enjoy it plain with a little sea salt. Sometimes simple is best.

So I've been eating pretty clean with an emphasis on high raw for a few months now and I've been reporting back on all of the positive changes I've been experiencing since then. I'm happy to give another update based on feedback I've gotten this week. I was told by three different people within the past week that my skin is glowing. This is not something that I would ever notice about myself but I guess I believe it now that I've been told by different people at different times. It's kind of a nice side effect of eating clean. I'm sure my skin is also glowing from sweating profusely at least 5 times a week during my workouts ;) This is definitely nice to hear, especially since I don't really like to wear makeup. It's mostly me being lazy but also because it is stupid to put it on then take it off a few hours later to go to the gym. And I won't be that girl that goes to the gym with makeup on. It makes me happy though that my skin apparently has a natural glow because someone told me once that I should really wear makeup because it makes everyone look better. I should tell her that she should eat more raw food because it makes everyone look better ;)

That's all I've got for today. I hope the weekend treated you all well! Back to the grind tomorrow. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight because I've got another double training session tomorrow. Always look forward to that!

Have a great night!


  1. How awesome to get some feedback like that! Sure makes you want to keep going, doesn't it?
    Have you had Daiya before? I haven't tried it and I hear mixed reviews. Let us know how you like it. Enjoy the hemp seeds too; they're pretty easy to use (ie tasteless) so you probably won't have a problem with them.
    The daylight savings thing threw my eating schedule off too - also because I got up later than usual. Our neighbors upstairs have been stomping around until like 5 am recently and it's been hard to sleep, ugh.

    1. Yes it definitely makes me want to keep going! That and the fact that I feel great :) It's always nice when other people see a difference, especially when they don't know I've been doing something different!

      I have had Daiya before. I like it in very small quantities, and I never use a whole package before it goes bad so I've learned to just freeze it after I open it. I have plans for those hemp seeds ;)

      That is really annoying about your neighbors! When I lived in Seattle the people that lived upstairs had a kid that would stomp around at the crack of dawn. Very annoying, I'm sorry you have to deal with that!

  2. I woke up super early today, too! Which is weird, because I thought for sure that I would have a hard time waking up this morning - with the time switch up and then working so much lately.

    I love all of the food you got a WF :) I just recently tried Daiya for the first time (it has taken me over a year or eyeballing it at the store to finally try it). I only tried the Mozzarella kind. I thought it was super salty, but it wasn't awful. It just freaks me out a bit, haha.

    And that's awesome about the comment you received about your skin! You must feel really proud of yourself for keeping it up too. It isn't easy at all.

    1. Hi Isobelle! It is so nice to hear from you again! Hope that you are doing well :)

      Haha yeah the thought of vegan cheese is a bit daunting because you know it is processed but it isn't super bad. If I hadn't seen it in a Kris Carr recipe I'd probably avoid it but I'll use it sparingly as a glue in a veggie quesadilla or something like that.

      I'm really happy about the feedback and I'm happy I kept it up! It isn't easy but once it becomes a habit it isn't as daunting and I've started to really crave healthy, clean foods so that makes life a bit easier too :)

  3. I'm so jealous that you got strawberries! They don't have any organic ones from the states here yet, only from Mexico. :(

    Sounds like you spruced up the Thai food quite nicely! We need to buy another popcorn air popper- Mike eats popcorn so much that he burnt it out!

    That's so awesome that others have noticed your glow! I've been told by several people that I should wear make up, which just burns me. So rude! The pictures you've posted of yourself are lovely and I certainly don't think you need any make up. :)

    1. We'll see about the strawberries, they looked ok but they could go either way. I have to make a fruit salad for Tuesday so I'll let you know!

      The Thai food was pretty good and I love air popped popcorn. I had the popper for at least a year before I used it and now I'm wondering why it took me so long to use it!

      It drives me nuts when people say that I should wear makeup or that they don't like my clothes or that I should do my hair more. I get that they think they are helping me but I don't get how they don't realize how rude it is. And thank you that is very sweet :)

  4. I think there is a consensus here that time change disrupts our sleep! I vote to move Daylight Saving to midday Monday. No one will complain, right? :)

    Fantastic grocery haul! Sorry to hear about the crackers. I'm so excited for spring produce - and summer, too! I can feel the senior-itis kicking in all ready. Strawberries will only get sweeter and sweeter from here on out!!

    What a fabulous compliment! I'm sure all of what you mentioned is true - diet, exercise, and you have such a positive attitude!

    1. Haha I agree! The time change would be great at like 4pm because then everyone gets to leave work an hour early and enjoy the extra daylight :)

      Thanks! The crackers weren't that bad just not what I was expecting. I know I can't wait for spring produce and the farmer's market to open up again! I'm definitely ready for summer fruit and I have big plans for it :)

      Thanks! I think that this is a great bonus effect of eating clean. It feels nice that people noticed it (even though I didn't) and that I was able to tell them that it's from eating fresh, raw foods. It's a nice way to get the info out there but not to sound preachy.

  5. "I had to deal with more idiots than usual" - ha ha! Speaking of idiots, that person telling you that you should wear makeup was totally rude. I hate unsolicited advice, especially about my appearance.

    It's weird about cardboard/no taste crackers, but I can definitely understand what you mean about liking them (if you were being serious). Things like that are really good combined with something flavorful like hummus.

    I'm a big fan of Daiya; it has worked great on pizza and in macaroni & cheese. It's also good on tortillas with jalapenos. However, if I'm not going to use a lot in a single recipe (like mac & cheese) I do have to be careful about not letting it go bad. Freezing it is a good idea.

    I hope you're having a good Monday.

    1. Haha glad you caught/liked that ;) Yeah I thought it was pretty rude too. I have my theories about the comment but there is no way to say it without sounding like a total bitch so I'll just keep it to myself ;)

      I like the cardboard texture a lot. I have no idea why but I just do. And you are right, it is the perfect canvas for hummus or guacamole!

      Daiya is good, I used it in the mac n cheese I made in Orlando and I use it sparingly on quesadillas. It freezes really well, you may want to freeze it in individual portions though so you don't have to keep defrosting and refreezing it.

      Thanks, you too!

  6. Good work on the skin glow! That's great.

    I like the extra light for photos too...hopefully, I'll feel more like taking photos now and may even get some blog posts done...we'll see. I've been so lazy on that front.

    Anyway, looks like you had a tasty and relaxing Sunday...hope you have a good week.

    BTW, any tricks for getting the salt to stay on the popcorn?

    1. Thanks Rose! Natural light is always prettier for photos, I never use flash. If I have to light it at night I'll just use incandescent light and fix the color after. Oooh I hope you get some posts in, I love your posts and gorgeous photos and yummy recipes!

      Thanks, I did :) I usually mist the popcorn with olive oil spray and then salt it. The mist is so light it doesn't get greasy and you don't have to use much at all but the salt will stick :) Hope that helps!

  7. Nice grocery loot! :) My local Whole Foods had hemp hearts on sale for FOUR DOLLARS a few weeks ago. I bought 15-20 bags. Ha! I love them. And go through a bag almost every other week.

    Yay for glowy skin! And I never understood those women who wear makeup to the gym - HELLOOOOO, you're going to sweat it off ;)

    1. I'm so jealous, I loved the hemp hearts when I tried them! The packets I bought will last for about 6 servings so maybe they will go on sale here too eventually. I never realized how healthy they are for you!

      I have a feeling the girls that wear makeup to the gym aren't really going to do too much sweating. I, on the other hand, look like I jumped in a pool after my workouts. Gross but also oddly satisfying. :)