Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Grub

Hey everyone. It's been a yucky, dreary day here in NY and that always makes me exhausted. I could barely keep my eyes open all day! I tried to take a nap before the gym but that didn't happen. Luckily I made it through my session with no problems :) My mood was reflected through my incredibly boring  meals. Tasty, but boring. Hopefully they will be more exciting tomorrow!

Check it:

Breakfast was a cherry chocolate smoothie. For some reason since I got sick with my stomach bug a month or two ago, these smoothies haven't tasted the same. They used to taste like a chocolate shake, now they taste like crap. I don't understand why.

For a late morning snack I had some watermelon with some grapes.

For lunch I just had a half of an avocado mashed with salt and pepper served with one tortilla's worth of homemade gf tortilla chips.

Pre workout I had a homemade Orange Coconut Larabar (though I love Miss Rachel's term "Vavabar!"). This was probably the best thing I ate all day!

For dinner I was kind of hungry but really lazy from being tired from the crap ass weather and then exhausted after the gym so I decided that a big ol' bowl of cereal would be the perfect dinner. This is legit a big bowl... a cup and a half of cereal with a sliced banana and some unsweetened vanilla almond milk. And I am enjoying every bit of it. Sometime a bowl of cereal is just what you need :)

Hope you all had a great day. Hopefully the rain will clear up soon, it has been so dreary lately.  You still have a few hours to enter the GIVEAWAY, winners will be drawn tomorrow morning!

Time to curl up under the covers and get ready for The Voice :) Got a big ol' bottle of water here so I should be set for the night. Have a great night everyone!


  1. The weather really affects how I feel, too. I have so much more energy & feel a lot more upbeat when it's nice & sunny out.

    Too bad about the smoothie. I've had that happen with a few things before, which bums me out.

    Vavabar is perfect! lol Isn't cereal such a comfort food sometimes? I hope that the sun comes out there soon!

    1. I think we were spoiled by some really amazing sunny, warm days and going back to the cold rain sucks. Totally drained the energy out of me.

      I am hoping it is just some crappy cherries or something because I loved that smoothie. Such a bummer.

      Haha I like the sound of it too! Cereal is very comforting, it was the perfect way to end my day today. Thanks! So happy to hear about your arm, such wonderful news!

  2. Larabar? I've never heard of that before but I guess worth a try! I wish i have the patience of making smoothies.. they are just so healthy!


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    1. Larabars are probably one of the best snack bars out there for you. They usually have no more than 6 all natural, raw ingredients. I just make my own because it is less expensive. You can find them in most grocery stores now!

      I used to feel like I didn't want to put the effort into smoothies but once you get the hang of it, it doesn't take long at all!

  3. Ha! Vavabar; I love it! It sounds delicious and I bet that bowl of cereal is really perfect right now. I keep wanting to buy some but I just can't do it for some reason. The chips look great too.
    Stay dry!

    1. I know I love the name of it too! I could see using that name for lots of things ;) The cereal was indeed perfect. I held off on it too and rarely buy it but once in a while you just need a big ol bowl of comforting cereal. I love homemade gf tortillas a lot!

      Thanks, you too!

  4. Hmm. . .I wonder why they taste different? Could it be that your taste buds have changed due to your mostly raw diet? I'm curious!

    Watermelon and grapes are one of my favorite combos (right next to grapes and strawberries!) Lunch sounds pretty good to me, as does dinner - sometimes cereal totally hits the spot. Not to mention, clean up is quick! :)

    1. I have no idea why it is different. I want to think it is because I used a different brand of cherries? I'm hoping that is it because that smoothie was sooooo good.

      I love watermelon and grapes! Last summer I had posted a bowl of watermelon, grapes and amazing fresh, sweet cherries. It was by far the best fruit salad I've ever eaten. I LOVE strawberries, I wanted to get some at the store but they were still really expensive so I'll wait until we are more in season.

      The cereal was perfect and indeed a quick clean up! :)

  5. One time when I got sick with the flu I lost my taste for coffee for a few weeks afterward, but it did come back.

    Oh it was totally dreary yesterday, but today has dawned clear and sunny. I hope it is the same for you.

    Yea for Vavabars!

    1. I always develop an aversion to the last food I ate before I got sick. Grapefruits were the victim this time. I tried drinking the smoothie too soon and it didn't sit well so I'm wondering if maybe that happened? But the entire taste changed so it's very strange.

      It has gotten sunny and beautiful here again too :) I love it! I think it is supposed to get yucky again but I'll enjoy the vitamin d while I can ;)

      I love it thanks for the name! I'm keeping that name close too, I may have plans for'll get credit of course!

  6. Will the 'VaVa' name be attached to your Etsy Bakery where I can finally stock up on some good vegan cakes and candies? Please?

    1. Haha well I wasn't thinking that but I won't completely rule that out ;)