Thursday, June 14, 2012

Morning Meals :)

Hi friends! :) I hope you are all well on this Thursday evening. Today has been a long day. First I went back to the spine Dr. and he has been working on getting me in to see a physical therapist. The ones that are in the same facility as him are willing to work with me so I'm going in on Wednesday! I think the plan is to go once or twice and to have them show me corrective exercises I can do at home. Such a feeling of relief to finally see some sort of resolution!

Oh, and I should also tell you... I'm kind of a giant idiot. I went on a tagging spree on my posts last night and realized that some of my posts saved as drafts when my internet connection craps out. So when I got rid of those drafts I realized that today's post is only number 395. Oops! So in 5 more posts I'll have a real 400th post. But now that I'm prepared for it I'll make sure to make it a special post ;) Sorry!

After my appointment I went straight to work and then to the gym right from there. My workout today was insane! We are doing strength training on Thursdays so today was pretty gnarly, especially because I did half of it with a weight vest on! He had me just leave it on and do a bunch of exercises including running the stairs, row, elliptical, squats, calves, the rope, and lots of other fun things. It was rough but it'll only make me stronger!

Since my day was so packed I wasn't able to photograph all of my meals but my breakfast and morning snack were so pretty I had to! I haven't eaten dinner yet so I don't have that either. Breakfast makes up for it though, I promise!

Check out this gorgeous breakfast bowl! I cut up a banana and a few strawberries and put them on the bottom of the bowl. Then I added about 4 spoons (regular soup spoonfuls) of my Raw Buckwheat Cereal on top and added some milk to it. It was SO GOOD! It was really filling too. The best breakfast I've had in a long time!

And I'm so happy to share with you my first giant bowl full of cherries of the season! So sweet and amazing. I LOVE cherries!

Unfortunately that's all for today! I have also been meaning to ask all of you lovely readers something for a few weeks! I would love some suggestions of what you'd like to see in my Fun Friday posts! Any themes that you are curious about? Definitely let me know, I'd love some thoughts! 

I hope you all have a great night! So glad tomorrow is Friday and I only have a short work day. I have plans to make some yummy things though so I'll share them with you at some point over the weekend :) Good night everyone!


  1. OMG food envy! That breakfast bowl looks awesome and those cherries are calling my name!

    Gabby @ the veggie nook

    1. Haha thanks Gabby! The breakfast was so good! I'm a total cherry freak, I've almost gone through the entire first batch I have! :X I guess I could have worse addictions ;)

    2. Haha of for sure. I would gladly become addicted to cherries.

      It's funny, when I was younger I thought I hated cherries. Turns out it's just those over processed, fluorescent red marashino cherries I hate. Fresh cherries are amazing :)

  2. Hooray for upcoming physical therapy! Such a relief to have a plan, and be moving forward. I'm sure you are beyond happy! Thanks for the tips about tagging, and regardless of how many posts you have - I have loved reading them, and chatting with you. :)

    Ooh, a weight vest sounds intense! Perfect for the Tough Mudder - I can totally see that something like that.

    I love cherries, and I need to get some soon! Yum!

    As for Fun Friday, I'd love to hear more about workouts - your favorite routines, or ones you'd like to try. Do you write down your workouts from your trainer? I'm sure I'll think of more, but that's all I've got for now!

    1. I know, I'm really happy about it and hopeful that something good will come out of it! No problem! Aww thank you so much! And I have enjoyed reading your posts and chatting with you! :)

      The weight vest was torture. Seriously. Apparently it's going to get worse too, today was the introduction to the weight vest. Yikes!

      I've almost finished all of the cherries I have. I think it's a problem! :)

      Thanks for the suggestion!! I'll definitely do some workout posts in the future! I don't write down the ones from my trainer because it is so random haha. I should though, especially since I have to start strength training more on my own. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll definitely do a workout post within the next few weeks!

  3. Good luck at the physical therapist next week! I hope it helps.

    What's a weight vest look like? Can you add and subtract weight or are the weights sewn into the vest? I agree with Ingrid--I'd like to see more of the workouts you're doing.

    1. Thanks Sage! Me too :)

      The weight vest has removable weights. He has 20 lbs in there now and plans on increasing it I think.

      Ok I'll definitely post a few workouts! Thanks :) Check out today's post, I nominated you for an award!

  4. Hope the PT helps your back feel better!

    Delicious looking buckwheat & strawberries. A perfect summer breakfast :)

    Happy Friday!

    1. Thank Nikki! The breakfast was indeed perfect :) You too!

  5. Such beautiful cereal. Looking forward to getting some Cherries.