Friday, May 27, 2011

This is what I buy!

It was SO BEAUTIFUL out tonight and I didn't have plans so I decided to move my Sunday trip to the good Whole Foods up to tonight.  I didn't mind the drive (I normally do because I hate driving) and it was nice to have the windows down and just be by myself for a bit.

I wanted to fill in a few things and try a few things as well.  Here is the haul.

From left to rightish: 2 avocados (in the bag), chickpea flour, chia seeds (HOLY EXPENSIVE BATMAN!!!), 4 Larabars, cauliflower, steamed red kidney beans, 2 flavors of O.N.E. Active Coconut Water (supposed to be great rehydration during an intense workout...flavors are grape berry and lemon lime), and Silk Hazelnut Creamer for my coffee.

The chickpea flour is to make gluten free and high protein "crackers," the chia seeds are for fun and the coconut water is to try for my workouts.  I tried regular coconut water and hated it but heard the flavor kinds are much better and this is supposed to be really good for you.

Happy Friday to you all and I hope you have a safe holiday weekend! I can't wait to read and be jealous about all of your yummy holiday eats!


  1. I like coconut water but never had the packed one, is it good?


  2. I'll be sure to post a review when I try it! :)

  3. I hope you buy all the other food you eat instead of stealing it!
    I love grocery shopping but I always end up with random things I don't need (especially at WF)...looks like you were pretty practical; congratulations on that.

  4. :) I had to pull back the reigns because the chia seeds were so expensive. I love grocery shopping fav is WF when they first open before it gets crowded. I like roaming and finding new things! I am very lucky to live near a bunch of grocery stores that have beautiful produce that is much cheaper than WF so I take advantage of that as much as possible and get my specialty stuff at WF.

  5. Chia seeds - I'm curious to try them. I still haven't seen them in health shops, maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

  6. I am eating my chia overnight oats right now and they are so good (I'll do a post when I get home from work). I had a hard time finding them at my WF so it is possible they don't have them. Did you try looking online? You can always order them!

  7. I buy my Chia seeds online. (It's also less expensive to buy a whole Cauliflower and just cut it up yourself. For shame!).

  8. Oh trust me I know it is less expensive to do it that way but once in a while I don't mind paying for convenience. I don't do it often but when I do it is usually necessary lol.